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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

AIG -The 1st to be Nationalized

It was announced Monday that AIG, the insurance giant that was TOO big to fail, needs another 30 billion dollars or it will go under. This will take AIG’s total bailout to 180 billion in taxpayers money since last fall. Why are we still sinking money into this failing company? Isn’t is obvious that this company is in fact NOT too big and has already FAILED and should be allowed to do so? Why are the American people responsible for greed, corruption and the failings of bad decisions of a company who's time is just plain over?

I have my own theory on this AIG bailout. I believe that this Administration WANTS AIG to NEED more and more money so it can continue to bail it out until it becomes 100% owned by the government. Oh, I’ve heard all the arguments that if AIG goes under thousands of jobs will be lost and teachers all over the country will lose their 401k’s. (But never mind the average American’s 401k!) Oh yeah, and the sky is falling again today! To save AIG, it needs some serious money- like 500 billion. Obama and his genius economic team know this. So, why are they messing around with 20 billon here and 30 billion there? Just hand AIG the whole kit and caboodle and get it over with already! But they won’t; because their agenda is so much larger and they want the American people to THINK they are helping.

Obama’s agenda is to nationalize AIG. He wants AIG to fail. Just like he wants banks to fail. He wants to pass a law to give judges power to change mortgage contracts so when people file bankruptcy the judge can change the principle on the mortgage. He also wants to bail out deadbeats that shouldn’t have gotten mortgages to begin with. Why? Because he wants to give banks money so the government has an investment in the banks until it has 100% ownership then it can be Nationalized. And don’t forget The Big 3. He intends to give them enough money so he can nationalize them, too.

What it boils down to is this. Our Banking, Insurance, Housing and Automobile Industries will be owned by the government. They will be Nationalized and run by the government. Obama’s agenda is to Socialize this nation and what better way to get his scheme going than to pretend he’s helping? By the time the public sees Obama for what he truly is, a Socialist-Marxist, it’ll be too late. Obama ran his campaign on Change, and that’s EXACTLY what we’re getting. Change from Capitalism to Socialism. Obama plans on destroying this country one piece at a time. Look what he’s done in a little over 40 days. I can’t even imagine what he’ll do in the next 4 years.


  1. welcome to the Obamanation my friend!

  2. pammy i have heard that they are worried, they being the market enforcers, that if aig goes under it will start a run on insurance companies. therefore cleaning out the industry. but even with that said, i think there is no doubt the obama administration is going after wealth with its policies. and nationilizing banks limits the ability to make it! so you are spot on!

  3. Things are not getting any better, are they?

  4. What I would like to know is when the people are going to rise up, grab their guns and revolt against the traitors running the country?

    Trampling on the Constitution and shoving us into Socialism/Marxism is treason in my book.

  5. Rev. Gregori...
    The majority of Americans voted for Obama, he is what they wanted. Are you suggesting violence, so the minority can have their way?

    I've been reading comments all over, from those identifying themselves as conservatives, and to be honest it's a little frightening.

    I'm not really what you would call conservative, but I've always had admiration for them. You guys are a positive force in America, and we need you now more than ever. Please dust yourself off, put away the guns and talks of violence, and try to create the positive change in America that you are famous for.

  6. Great post Pam, I can't agree with you more.

  7. Anonymous: I don’t believe in violence, however, Congress is out of control and won’t listen. Obama is out of control and isn’t listening. Americans are angry; with good reason. If we stop this outlandish spending right now, it will take 100 years to pay this deficit off. But if they continue to spend this way, and it looks like they intend to with this new omnibus bill with 9,000 earmarks, our country will be bankrupt in 10 years. The talk of revolt and guns is a way of us to blow off some steam. Americans are frustrated and frightened. Saying things like “ grab your guns” relieves anxiety. Americans are going through the proper channels right now. They are calling and writing their Congressmen and Senators. They’re also using their Constitutional right to Assemble and having “Tea Parties” all over the country. So, for now, don’t take this talk as fact. We Conservatives are a rational bunch and wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize our country.

  8. It's never ending! Obama will keep handing out the money and the companies will continue to return to the well again and again. Why not? If you offer to give me free money, I will take it, and I will keep coming back for more until the money stops coming.

    The way to fix this is to let the companies fail. Let smarter wiser companies take up the slack, and let AIG and the others learn from their mistakes.

  9. You're absolutley right, Mark. The 1st bailout shouldn't have happened last year and I believe we wouldn't be where we are right now. We're in the ERA of Entitlement now under Obama. And with this new ERA people and companies aren't allowed to fail, because it's painful. But sometimes pain is the best lesson.

  10. I disagree that Obama wants them to fail. He is pouring money into them. Four bailouts so far. In my opinion, we should let it fail and stop giving them taxpayer money. I've heard that that would cause more problems, but I think that in the long run something better would pop up and NOT fail.

    Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog and posting. You are the first!

  11. great blog..great content..i cant more comments it all there but i would say everytime i read your blog it widen my understanding..ty..

  12. Pam, this is only the beginning, I think we are going to see the entire country become socialized shortly. I think this is Obama's plan and he wants to see big business fail.

  13. I'm with "Loves to debate" on this one, all the way

  14. James, that's the point. If Obama really wanted them to work, he would allow them to fail and stop with the bailouts. By allowing the market to work itself out the strong would survive and we wouldn't be in this mess. He's pouring money into them because he wants them to fail and by giving them more and more is only proloning the agony and their failure. Obama is against Big Business, just like Loves To Debate said. He needs to let Capitalism work and stop the bailouts.

  15. Excellent post, Pamela! I couldn't agree with you more.

    We all knew just how bad this America-hating socialist was going to be. But, I have to wonder just how many Obama voters have already changed their mind in a mere six weeks, (like Jim Cramer). As you said, it's unimaginable just how much damage Obama will do in four years. Hopefully the Republicans can take back some control in the midterm elections next year. The Obamessiah and his cronies are probably worried about that already, and that's one of the reasons they are in such a rush to cram through as much as they can now. At this point, I'm left hoping and praying that the damage won't be irreversible by the time we get the Republicans back in control and in the White House.


  16. Other than the obvious fact that the free market has failed and Obama could probably run all those companies more efficiently than the people who have been running them, the question is why? Why would he want to own AIG? Wouldn't he have gone to school to be a banker if he wanted to own a bank? Why go to Harvard Law if you want to run a car company? There are easier ways of being in the car business.
    I think you need to put the tin foil hat back on because the paranoia is getting out of hand.

    Oh, and by the way, why this post now? Why didn't you think Bush was trying to take over AIG? He is the one who started this government handout to rich people program.

    No one in their right mind would ever want to run GM.

    And by the way, no he doesn't want to bailout "deadbeats", he only wants to bail out rich people just like the government always does. Now you see how absurd trickle down economics really is.

    And someone’s house depreciating by 50 grand and them then losing their job and not being able to refinance doesn't actually make someone a dead beat. The dead beats are the ones on Wall Street who thought it was a good idea to buy mortgages that were given to homeless people during a housing bubble.

  17. Toad: I don’t think Obama DREAMED of becoming a business owner. This administration just isn’t going to WASTE A GOOD CRISIS. Their agenda is to have all these companies GOVERNMENT OWNED, hence Nationalism. I’m pretty sure I made that clear in my post.

    You say trickledown economics is absurd. Let me ask you this. How many jobs have you received from a poor man? Wall Street definitely made mistakes; however, so did the CRA of 1977 and the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act of 1999. Fannie Mae, under Raines, performed illegal acts under the guise of helping the poor. Both banks and people took advantage of the system. It’s NOT just big business. People willingly signed on the dotted line, knowing full well they couldn’t fulfill their obligation. Those people are DEADBEATS and shouldn’t be helped. People who have been hurt by this economic mess should be helped. Unfortunately, Obama’s plan helps BOTH.

    As far as Bush being the first on the bailout bus; you’re right and Conservatives are mad as heck! However, Bush, with help from the Democratic controlled Congress thought it was the right thing to do. We tried it; it didn’t work; but now we’re doing it again, and again, and AGAIN. Obama is throwing money at something after seeing it didn’t work the first 3 times. One would think he would’ve learned the first time. Which leads me to believe he WANTS them to fail, hence my post.


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