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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

OTO - Obama Television Overload

I don’t know about anyone else; but I’m suffering from Obama Television Overload. I mean, really, what’s up with his face plastered all over the tube every week? Is it really necessary? I understand his weekly radio addresses and the whole YouTube thing. But enough is enough already. Just last week he was on 60 Minutes AND Jay Leno.

There was nothing new this evening. All I got from tonight’s press conference was repetitive rhetoric that made me yawn. Invest in education, energy and health care. He inherited this financial crisis, blah, blah. If he had said something about having hired a new staff for Geithner, maybe I wouldn’t have been so bored.

The President DOES need to give press conferences, I appreciate that. However, I believe Obama is over doing it. He needs to back off a bit and make more time for the Oval Office. Nevertheless, WHY is he doing so many television appearances?

Is he an ego maniac that enjoys time in the limelight? Does he have some hidden agenda, the more you see him the more you’ll like him? Or maybe it’s something really simple. Obama’s inexperienced; therefore he doesn’t know what to do as a president; so he reads from his teleprompter because that’s his comfort zone.

In my opinion, I think Obama is trying to distract the American people from the AIG mess. By going on 60 Minutes and Jay Leno, then having a press conference not even a week later, he can distract the public from what’s really going on. Or at least he’s HOPING he will distract them. He also has a high approval rating and if he keeps his face on television he may keep that rating up. Kind of like a subliminal message.

I’m curious to hear your opinions. So, please leave comments. As some of you know, we have a few Liberals visiting now. I think this will lead to some interesting debates. Just remember to be respectful to one another.


  1. You are welcome to comment and defend your position vigorously. You may criticize another’s perspective or opinion; however, insulting another person’s character or physical appearance is NOT acceptable. Thank you.

  2. "Is he an ego maniac that enjoys time in the limelight? Does he have some hidden agenda, the more you see him the more you’ll like him?"

    I believe that he is an ego maniac, and I believe that Obama does have a hidden agenda. I won't go into here, but if you check my blog, starting tomorrow evening, I am going to be posting a two or three part series I titled, "MASTERS OF DECEIT", which I believe will explain a lot about not only Obama, but several of our presidents and who put us in the mess we are in now.

    It will be a real eye opener.

  3. The "Anointed" one is still campaigning. That's what he did very well to get elected and his handlers are keeping him in the spotlight. It's no different than when someone writes a book. What do they do? They hit all the media outlets.

    It is getting a little old though, the same ole loop of information over and over from him and his minions is definitely starting to rub some people that were taken in at first the wrong way.

    Don't worry when it comes time we can vote him out. "Yes we can"

  4. Pam, my only question to you is how can you fall for those racist bloggers over at the Gray Head brother's" blog.
    They are a bunch of liberal morons that only want to pour fuel on the fire of racism.

  5. The good part... maybe he'll keep making horrible mistakes on TV shows that millions of Americans watch. It's hard for him to deny saying something when people from every side of every fence happen to be watching his mug.

    I do wish he would stop with the cat walk...

  6. Screaming C, I'm not "falling" for anything. I welcome everyone's viewpoint and opinion. I enjoy good debates and I think that having some Liberal perspectives here would make for some interesting exchanges.

    I'm not the ONLY conservative at Grey Headed Brother's blog. I just happen to be one of the first few. He stopped by my blog and I reciprocated by visiting his.

  7. Frankly, I tired of seeing Obama. I was tired of him over a year ago. Luckily, since the conversion to digital tv, I can only pick up one channel! I live out in the country and the channels I used to pick up easily are now gone. I was mad at first, but now I'm thankful.

    I think Obama is vain and narcissistic. He goes on these shows to look intune with the average citizen, but in reality he is an elitist of the highest degree. He wants to look like a middle-class, average Joe. He'd be ropin' broncos like G.W. Bush if he knew how.

  8. hey Pam! Hussein and Acorn are sick rabel rousers who hate America..fight on!:)

  9. Yep, this is all just a dog and pony show. Choreographed to try to make Obama, the most polarizing figure in history, look good. And his band of tax cheats are going to convince the American loony tunes that he is doing a great job, protecting the tax payers money.

  10. Aw, come on. The Obama speech was good for alot of things. I figured out where to insert laugh tracks and rim shots. Nothing like his dodge on the middle class tax cut or his phony outrage at AIG.

    Incidentally, I visit Gray Haired Brother's site all the time.

  11. People like the idea of being informed all the time and that's what Mr. Obama is doing, delivering the news everywhere and 24/7. Some people love it some hate it. But it really has no effect on anything so I wouldn't really care if i saw him on the TV 3 times a day. It's his decision, if he wanted to make his life a reality show that would monitor him 24 hours a day I still wouldn't care.

    Take care, Jay

  12. Debonair dude, Obama is nowhere NEAR the most polarizing figure in history. Even Bush was more polarizing. Obama won both the popular and the electoral vote by landslides, while Bush won only the electoral vote by a margin and didn't win the popular. And that's just the last presidency.

    As for TV coverage, I think things like the Jay Leno show are unnecessary. But press conferences are. In this day and age, I believe that the press (both sides) is covering too much. No other presidency has had such a 24/7 look at the first 100 days. Many people are starting to get "first 100 days" fatigue.

    Bush was on tv and press conferences a ton during his first 100 days as well. He talked about his tax cut plans, his education reform plans, etc...

    Another thing that is adding to the TV appearances is the economic crisis. Remember how many times Bush was on TV after 9/11? A lot more than Obama. This is a different crisis; this crisis is worldwide. Not worse, not better, just a different breed of crisis, but a crisis nonetheless.

    Another thing on Obama. Many conservatives point to the DOW as an indicator of our economy. It continued to drop (continued from the crash under Bush) sharply after Obama was elected. But since early March it has continued to climb.

    I think its much too early to lay blame at Obama's feet for our economy. While I don't necessarily agree with his policies, I don't know if they will work. Nothing is going to fix it within the 1st 100 days. That being said, I don't think spending our way out is the right call, nor are tax cuts on the rich. But I don't know what is, and no other ideas are being offered from either side. The Dems want to spend and the Repubs want to cut income from those who can afford to pay it. Neither idea is that great in my opinion. But only time will tell.

  13. Hi Pamela, the deed is done. I added your blog to our link list (hoping all visitors will be civil and dignified).

    A quick thought: No matter what party controls the White House, the President has a fiduciary responsibility to explain public policy and proposed legislation to the American people. Times are not good, and Obama's actions are no different in concept to the Fireside Chats of FDR's time.

    Let me ask another question: Is Obama too much in the news, or is MSM coverage too over-hyped and overdone? This too may be part of the problem.

    Conventional wisdom: When the news gets you down, turn off TV, take the kids to a park, visit friends, have a beer.

  14. He's just following the wisdom of advertising - if you have nothing useful to say, say it loudly and often. What fun to have an info-mercial President.

    the Grit

  15. I agree with what was said about the Gray head Brother's blog... He is a racist tool if I ever saw one.

  16. There are a lot of terrible things in life, conservatives are one of them.

  17. Good one, PtbaL. Really contributed a lot there, buddy.

  18. Thank you James, didn't have much time this morning. I know that was meant to be sarcastic of you.

    By the way, how is Porta-potty, oregon these days? Still full of hippies and bums I assume.

  19. I dutifully watched as many of President Bush's press confernces as I could . I saw at least 75% of them. That's not that great a deal considering he had maybe 8 his whole presidency.
    If the President has something to say I'm glad to listen.

  20. That wasn't meant for you, bluepitbull. That was short for Proud to be a Liberal's "There are a lot of terrible things in life, conservatives are one of them." It didn't contribute anything.

    Sorry that you thought I was talking to you.

  21. Proud to be a Liberal: If you are SO proud, why don't you have a blog or a site where we may visit and contribute to your most worthy cause of debasing? Your insult and run approach only proves how "crazies" on the Left give Liberals a bad rap. You need to educate yourself and learn some basic etiquette, then return and contribute in an adult manner.

    Octo: I’m in agreement that the President owes the American people an explanation; however, he’s been saying the same thing over and over. I’d like to hear something NEW. I’m not sure if Obama is encouraging his television coverage or if the media is hounding him too much. Although, he did choose to go on 60 minutes and Leno. The media, however, does stick to him like glue. So, I’ll take a wild guess and say that it’s 70% the media’s fault. And your wisdom is something I hear from my brother all the time…turn off the TV. Maybe I’ll do that!

    Truth101: I feel the same as you. I like to know what’s going on. Maybe because I didn’t vote for Obama I’m more blah, blah. I don’t know. I try to be “open-minded,” perhaps I need to take a better look within.

    James: I think Obama is also very polarizing.There is a very wide gap between the two sides. It seems one either likes him or hates him. Just like with Bush. I don’t like using the word “hate” because I don’t hate anyone except terrorists. However, from what I’ve read, there is a lot of, let’s say, passion, when it comes to Obama. Very, very similar to Bush.

  22. Proud to be a Liberal said...
    "There are a lot of terrible things in life, conservatives are one of them."

    Good try You phony but no cigar.

  23. Yeah, I still like Obama, but not everything he's doing...I just like that at least he's doing something. I wish a third party could come in strongly and say, "no, that's not the best idea, Mr. O but here are some better ones..." which would no doubt piss off both sides. But maybe with all the polarizing we could have a third party, a moderate party, split from the sane parts of both parties.

  24. Both sides like to take their digs at the other. As long as it isn't vulgar it can be pretty funny. I'm mad at myself for not coming up with Proud Liberal's line first. I may have though and forgotten. I've been blogging for 3 years.

    I hope you don't mind if my daughter visits your site Pamela. She wants to be on the debate team when she starts high school and there aren't many sites I trust to debate without the vulgarity. I may not be popular with most of your readers but believe it or not, I respect their opinions and enjoy their comments even when I'm the brunt of their insults. You run a classy blog.

  25. Thank you, Truth101, what a nice compliment. Your daughter is most welcome. I beieve in running my blog like I live my life. I may not be perfect; but you'll find I really am mannerly and I'm honest as the day is long. If your daughter comes here, I'll watch out for her. I'm really big on protecting kids. I have 2 myself; my oldest son is 16 and my youngest is 11. Neither are into politics, probably because they have "overload" from ME!

  26. James Wolfer said...
    "Yeah, I still like Obama, but not everything he's doing."

    What exactly don't you like?

  27. I think Obama is pushing a huge agenda really fast. His great strength is that he is more about the ideas than the politics, and he speaks incredibly well. Putting his face on what he is doing plays to his strengths.

    He promised more transparency in government, and whatever else you say about him, he has been true to his promises.

  28. I meant I don't agree with all of his policies, such as his pro-abortion stances. I knew about that one before he was elected, and while I disagree with him on it I don't fault him for following through with it.

    Where I am disappointed with him is his "no earmarks" while signing a bill with earmarks in it, and his "no lobbyists" while hiring lobbyists. He also needs to give Tim Geithner the boot. He's a tax cheat and an idiot.

  29. "Please don't fall for The Gray Headed Bastard's game. For over a week now, he has been SPAMMING all of the conservative blogs by copying and pasting the same dumbass comments everywhere, (including the one he left here in this comment, which he also left at our blog today - his second comment at our blog today).

    When he first hit our blog and the others over a week ago, I checked his pathetic, racist blog out and saw that he had ZERO comments. Unfortunately, his race baiting tricks worked as many of the bloggers who got spammed by him checked him out and began posting comments at his hate filled blog.

    Apparently, the comments died out a bit so he spammed us all again this morning. He is a complete LOSER, who can only get people to pay attention to him and his blog by making outrageous statements and accusations, and injecting race into every single issue, then spamming other blogs saying "look at me", "look at me". He's also now following many conservative blogs, in an effort to obtain attention and reciprocity.

    It's too bad that he has been rewarded by garnering the attention that he was so desperately seeking. My suggestion to my fellow bloggers would be to completely and permanently ignore this pathetic jackass troll."

  30. Do you hate him because you are afraid of what the man says IMC?

  31. It’s My Choice: I wanted to confirm your accusation against Gray Headed Brother; however, your profile isn’t available. As far as Gray Headed Brother baiting to get readers or followship- Kudos to him; it worked. Rush Limbaugh has a gimmick. Heck, even Barack Obama has one. I think a lot of people wish they had gimmicks. It’s the wise man that finds one and uses it to his advantage. And for the record, his name IS Gray Headed BROTHER. Refrain from insulting HIM please. Thank you.

  32. Thank you Pamela.
    America is still a white supremacist nation. Just about every fact from healthcare and education to number of times a person is stopped by the police favors/advantages whites.
    If rich white men have not been ruling America, who has?
    I respect Reverend Wright for addressing our past (and current) inequalities. And I praise and believe in Barack Obama for doing the incredibly bold and courageous act he is doing about the situation we find ourselves in today and for trying to lift the nation to a new place of unity and consciousness. His past may be with Wright, but clearly, he is trying to take the divisiveness of that past and bring us all beyond it. It's gotta be tough for him to do. It may be tough for us all. But let's just get the hell over it.

  33. I was going to post a comment, til I saw that Racist Pigs name above..Then I changed my mind...I don't wish to be anywhere near that racist pig or anywhere near his racist remarks.

  34. It’s called free speech. We all have a right to our opinions and are free to express them.
    But hate speech. Is not my style, and will not be tolerated here.
    That's what the GRAY HEADED BROTHER'S blog is about.. So go there to write your hate. I have no sympathy for people who choose to believe in hatred

  35. I don’t know about anyone else; but I’m suffering from Obama Television Overload. I mean, really, what’s up with his face plastered all over the tube every week? Is it really necessary? I understand his weekly radio addresses and the whole YouTube thing. But enough is enough already. Just last week he was on 60 Minutes AND Jay Leno"

    I'm as sick of him as you are.

  36. Obama signed this spending bill not Bush, yet Obama still blames Bush and wants to claim he's bipartisan? How many times did Bush publically whine about Democrats? Bush was not a whiner like Obama even though Bush had to deal with a Democrat infested congress for all eight years of his Presidency and total control was held by the Democrats for the last two years of Bushes term. Though Obama may be on his first term as President the Democrats are in their 3rd year of control of our nations purse strings. It seems Democrats have not changed at all under Obama... they still seek to blame someone else for the actions of failure they forced on an unsuspecting populace.

  37. This petty partisan bickering is frankly over the top. One can't even wake up in the morning without making a political statement that is likely to be slimed, smeared, or jeered:

    Hmm, should I put on the right shoe first or the left.

    Come on folks, stop acting like children. Party labels don't matter any more, and we have a job to do.

  38. Pamela, I noticed Obama's love of the television camera long ago, before the election. After the election he managed to insert himself onto my television screen every day.

    Here's the explanation: He's a pathological narcissist.

    You don't have to believe me. look up the symptoms of narcissism. It all fits.

    And Gray headed brother is a racist. Unless he lives in the 1960's. I suppose if he's found some little pocket of pre-Martin Luther King values somewhere and is afraid to venture out into the real world. He talks as if nothing has changed since then.

    He reminds me of those Japanese soldiers who were found hiding in the Phillipine jungles since the second world war, who didn't know the war had been over for 50 years.

    Gray headed brother, you need to come out of hiding and join the real world where whites and blacks work together to build a world all of us can live in and stop trying to expand the non-existent divide between the races. There is no longer a black race or a white race. There is only the human race. Why don't you drop your hatred and join it?

  39. It's not only that Obama is inept himself,everybody he hires is.Despite all the liberal lunitics running around this country has a sensible center and this guy is offending them at every turn.Even worse are the masters of deception working behind the scenes with their smoke and mirrors presentations.He'll come out acting all tough on something,only to back-peddle a few days later. This country has no stability at all and it's coming from the top.
    And the worst part about it is that so many people are buying into him.

  40. Actually Obama has a pretty savvy advisor. He isn't campaigning for the presidency - he's got that. And, while I'm sure it warms a right winger's heart to believe he's an ego maniac, the obvious answer to anyone able to look past their stubbornly held conclusions is that the Obama team is circumventing Washington politics and taking their case TO THE PEOPLE.
    Obama's message time and again is he has a plan he believes will work and every citizen who believes it must tell their representatives.
    Now imagine you are a senator or state rep sitting in your office in Washington when the mail and email starts to arrive by the thousands (if the president successfully motivates enough people).
    You want to get elected to another term, you better pay attention. This is part of our political process - and it does work both ways; don't agree, then write or call your reps and make your own voice heard.
    When you are wringing your hands and complaining that "so many people are buying into him" you are not being proactive and you are accomplishing nothing.

  41. Mark: He's a pathological narcissist. You don't have to believe me. look up the symptoms of narcissism.

    Diagnostic determinations can only be made by trained, qualified, and licensed practitioners .. and must include personal, fact-to-face interviews. If you were duly trained, qualified, and licensed, you would know better and not make such a wrong and misleading statement. This is smear and jeer ... nothing more!

  42. pammy no matter when obama opens his mouth he is just uttering words. his reading of that "cue card" at the beginning of the presser reminded me of the scene in bruce almighty when jim carrey fooled with the teleprompter of steve carrel's character. somebody could of changed those words and obama would have known no difference becaue he was just reading them, not speaking them!

  43. Pat-
    Funny joke. So funny. Obama uses a teleprompter. You know a funnier one? Republicans have no leader, no ideas, so they complain about electronic devices (loose quote from Shaw Kenawe)...Another good one:

    Obama might stumble once in awhile without a teleprompter. Bush stumbled with one.

    Okay, so seriously, you know who else used teleprompters?

    George W. Bush.

    John McCain.

    Sarah Palin.

    George H.W. Bush.

    Ronald Reagan.


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