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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Coffee, Tea, Vote for Me or NOT

Yesterday thousands of Americans gathered all over the country for Tea Parties to protest our Government. Yesterday was also the dreaded Tax Day; however, the Tea Parties weren’t just about taxes. Americans protested about many things. Taxes, large government, the stimulus bill, the cuts in defense spending, pork barrel spending, the deficit, entitlements, bailouts and the list goes on depending on whom you talk to.

The Tea Parties were organized by individuals all over the country. Those individuals started a movement. A small flame was lit and is now burning brightly in the hearts of Americans all across our nation. We are tired of our government officials turning a deaf ear; we are sick of our officials taking advantage of us; we needed to send a message that we aren’t going to sit back anymore and allow our officials to do whatever they want and get away with it. Our Congressmen and women and Senators have become complacent and need to know that we Americans are through with their reckless spending, taxation, lies and deceit. The Tea Parties are just the beginning of our proclamation. We will end it in the voting booths in 2010 and 2012.

There were almost 700 rallies all over our nation and those who gathered weren’t concerned with age or political affiliation. They only cared that each person was an American and was frustrated, angry and disenfranchised. They joined together as Americans should. They were UNIFIED and on a mission. They united together and accomplished their mission-TELL CAPITOL HILL TO STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

The MSM has spun these Tea Parties as something completely different. We’ve been called Extremists or Violent Revolutionaries that want to overthrow the government. It’s been slanted that we’re crazy-right-wing-nuts who don’t want to pay taxes or something TOTALLY false like that. Goodness forbid if the MSM would tell the truth. Does the MSM even know the meaning of the word?

Americans know taxes are necessary. We know we need government. It’s the reckless spending; the tax cheats in office; the total disregard for the people of America that has us angry. Anyone with any sense would see that. But you’ll have those who will spin this to make it look like we’re crazy moon bats. Oh well, it is what it is. I KNOW THE TRUTH. I know my heart, my values and my principles. I know that I am patriotic and I pay my taxes and will continue to do so. However, I REFUSE to allow anymore corrupt politicians to take our Constitution and Country hostage. If this makes me loony, well, then I’m a loon. And until Congress listens, these Tea Parties will continue. Until Congress realizes they work for US, they will be voted out of office and replaced with someone who will work for us.

The Tea Parties are our constitutional right; because We the People have the right to assemble and speak out against our government. And we absolutely have the right to do so in a peaceful manner; which is EXACTLY what tens of thousand of Americans did yesterday. What was once a dreaded day for many can now be viewed as a day when America united.

This is a grassroots movement that will continue. So beware Congress. Not of guns and violence; but of We the People. We are taking our Country back.


  1. well done pammy!! alright got a "tough" one for ya here. i am in total agreement that this is a movement of the people not a political movement. now let's fast forward. this movement of the people grows. and as it grows it will eventually have to become a political movememnt, because we govern politically. here's the question, how does this "people movement" stay just that in a political setting?... i hope i haven't made that confusing.... oh and have a nice day....

  2. I like the idea behind the tea-parties...problem here though? The Dems haven't done anything whatsoever to our Constitution. That was the Republicans and Bush.

    So "taking our country back" by putting Republicans back in power isn't going to do anything. They are just as culpable in all of this as the Dems.

    We need a third party; a party of moderates made up of those who are in the middle. People like you, who would swing a little to the right, people like me who would swing a little to the left (to keep our party in balance). People who aren't militant about being to one side or the other, but will listen to the each other and the population the party represents.

    You know what would be great? If in 2010 Democrats lost a lot of seats, but they aren't grabbed by Republicans, but by this third party. Then, in 2012, a third party candidate to go against Obama and actually get a ton of votes, even if he or she doesn't win. Then, in 2016, that third party actually wins.

    THAT I would love to see. A party that truly embodies the American people and only excludes the wingnuts on both sides of the aisle.

  3. James Wolfer, you said: "The Dems haven't done anything whatsoever to our Constitution. That was the Republicans and Bush."

    Sir, I am sixty-four years old, which means that I have been around for a bit and I know from whence I speak, so if you will permit me, I would like to point out the fallacy of your statement. Both parties have violated and trampled upon the Constitution of the United States, usurping powers that they did not have under the Constitution and enacting blatantly unconstitutional laws.

    The biggest violation came on December 23, 1913 under Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, with the enacting of the Federal Reserve Act. Since time and space does not permit me to go into details about this here, if you would like more info, then you can contact me at my email: abouna@churchmail.com.

    There are so many violations of the Constitution and laws that are unconstitutional, such as all of the federal gun control laws, hate crime legislation that infringes on our free speech and religious freedoms, "Fast Track" Trade agreements, etc., I can go on and on naming one violation after another, but the important thing is that these violations and infringements on our Constitutional rights and freedoms have been coming from both sides of the political aisle, and they are getting worse by the day. I can honestly say that the America of today bears little to no resemblance of the America I grew up in. "Taking back America by putting Republicans back in power isn't going to do anything," but neither is leaving the Democrats in power, so you are right, we DO need a third party, and even more importantly, we need to get America back to the Constitutional Republic it was founded to be.

    Please forgive for being so long winded here but I just had to get this said.

  4. I agree with most of what you said. But as for gross violations, that happened under Bush with the John Yoo memos actually giving the President power over due process, habeas corpus, and any other amendments if he viewed someone as a possible terrorist, that was it. You went away, possibly forever, US citizen or not. Reminds me of McArthyism and the Red Scare.

    We need to return to some of our roots, but things like hate speech should remain illegal, best left in the past just as slavery and discrimination should. And gun laws? Its only unconstitutional to completely take away our arms. The amendment says right to bear arms, not how this is to be carried out.

    In many ways, America is better than the America you grew up in. We've gotten more tolerant for one.

    But in others, we're worse.

  5. I can agree with the idea that both sides are responsible, it's just that the Republicans have held most of the political power for the last 30 years, so they get most of the current blame.

    When James says "what have the Democrats done wrong" - I think he meant lately. If I'm wrong James, sorry.

    This tea bag stunt, is silly. First, it is not non-political. The groups behind this are led by Dick Army and Newt Gingrich. That's not to say there are not plenty of mad Americans out there, but lets keep the facts of how this event got legs, upfront.

    The voices of discontent have been aimed at President Obama, who was probably the politician with the least to do with the mess we are in. After all, he was only in the Senate a short time before he became President.

    President Bush came before the American people and said we needed the TARP, or our financial institutions would crumble. I have no doubt that if he were still President that he would be supporting this current bailout, giving money to the auto companies, or any other company he deemed necessary to the financial health of America.

    Seems Republicans want to ignore their responsibility for the mess we are in.

  6. Time: You stated: "The voices of discontent have been aimed at President Obama, who was probably the politician with the least to do with the mess we are in. After all, he was only in the Senate a short time before he became President." Once again I feel that I have to make a correction.

    First; when Obama was still in the U.S. Senate, he, along with Sen. Chris Dodd, were among the top receipiants of large amounts of money from AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It was Obama's pet organization, A.C.O.R.N that was instrumental in lobbying Congress to make unsecured mortgage loans to individuals who could not repay them and that included illegal immigrants. It is a known fact that Bush warned Congress that something needed to be done or we would be headed for disaster, but the Democrat controlled Congress under Bush refused to pass any of the Republican legislation that would have prevented the housing bubble collapse, and let me remind you that while this was going, Rep. Barney Frank was carrying on a homosexual love affair with one of the high ups from Fannie Mae, so he did all he could to get the House members to reject the Republican legislation, so please, lets be fair here. Yes, the Republicans bear a lot of responsibility as well for continuing to allow this mess to continue, especially when Bush started the first round of bailouts and telling us we need the TARP, but it was Obama who not only continued it, but expanded it.

    James Wolfer: You stated: "Its only unconstitutional to completely take away our arms. The amendment says right to bear arms, not how this is to be carried out."

    I'm sorry but you are wrong. Please go back and read the Constitution. It states: "...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." All Federal gun control laws are an INFRINGEMENT, thus a violation of the Constitution. The Constitution does not limit the type or amount of arms. The same also applies to the unconstitutional hate speech laws.

    Again the Constitution clearly states the following in Article I of the Bill of Rights:

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievance." Thus, so-called "Hate Speech" laws are an abridgment of the freedom of speech.

    Like it or not, the Constitution of the United States IS the Supreme Law of the Land and everyone who holds any elective office takes the oath of office in which they swear to UPHOLD and DEFEND the Constitution.

  7. Good job Pam, I think that the Tea Parties were a big success, no matter what you read about in the MSM..
    I saw it with my own eyes.

  8. Rev.

    There is no debate against (your) false information, and I won't respond to accusations of love affairs. Drop the hate and get the facts, we can then talk.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Reading the slanderous gossip dripping off the poison pen of the Rev makes me so glad to be a deist!

  11. Much like the Iraq invasion, the Tea Partyers come up with a new reason for having tea parties.

    Reckless government spending. Republicans are big on defense. What would they cut? What would you cut from education. Local property tax payers would just have to make up the difference anyway so where is this savings at?
    Entitlements like Social Security and Medicare? We apy into these programs our whole working lives and Republicans want to cut them?
    No problem addressing the bailouts of big investment houses. But they had us over a barrell. We let AIG fall and we have to bail out the depositors and claimants anyway. 55 trillion dollars worth. As we did the savings and loans in the 80's.
    I don't blame anyone for being outraged. But you know what? It's our own fault for paying more attention to the pandering of politicians to "moral" issues and not making them answer questions about regulation that protects our economy. Defense spending that contributes to our defense and not just a generic talking points that serve no purpose other than to comfort people that are too lazy to actually do some research.

    I don't mean to offend the Reverend OO. But abortion and gay marraige are issues that have nothing to do with a strong economy and sane defense policy. And far too many people decide who they will vote for based on only these two issues.

  12. Please accept my thanks for supporting the effort to counteract the Tea Bagger disinformation campaign. There is a Monday update here.

    FYI, Pamela, I left a table of economic stimulus considerations for you in the comments section.

  13. Lordy, Pamela, Where did all these Libtards come from?

    Tea party was, unfortunately, too much like a party for my taste. The Government's out of control spending and the eventual taxation that will be necessary to pay for it all, is a serious concern. Speeches are good, because they make the uninformed slightly less uninformed.

    But what we need is action. Impeach Obama and repeal these insane spending bills!

  14. I attended the TEA party held in New York City I wasn’t sure what of turn out to expect on a cold and rainy afternoon. I got there about 20 minutes early to find an already sizable crowd assembled. At its peak, I would estimate that over 1000 people gathered to participate in the activities.
    All went very peacefully and everyone had a wonderful time. I think we made a statement.

  15. Wow, what a great blog..If you ook at the way Obama beams at those America haters you would see that ..Rush is right..Obama believes he will make our "evil country" into a socialist utopia that these demagogues will admire. Obama, Ortega, Rev Wright, Chavez, Castro and Louis Farrakhan are all cut from the same hate America cloth..

  16. Pamela, your defense of Gray Headed Brother was kind and thoughtful, and I have expressed in previous comments my appreciation and respect for you. Our disagreements with respect to public policy were always about issues, never personal attacks.

    Nevertheless, there is a subject that is not pleasant to talk about but needs to be discussed ... openly and honestly. I live in a part of Florida where there are wealthy retirees, many who are self-identified conservatives ... whom I count as friends.

    During the last election, some of my conservative friends switched parties and voted for Obama. There were others, however, who became more radically right wing, more shrill, and very angry. Two months ago, one of these folks verbally attacked a wealthy black resident of my condo with the "N" word. At about the same time, another one of these folks made personal threats against me (a "bounty" on my life along with a threat to either "shoot" me or "drown" me in the pool) that forced me to report the matter to law enforcement. The state attorney generals has started a prosecution of these individuals.

    I bring these incidents to your attention because there are aspects of the current political debate that have crossed the line and border on incitement.

    You are no stranger to the Internet and have probably witnessed vicious personal attacks that have nothing to do with conducting a civil debate. Look no further than some of the name-calling that takes place above.

    BTW, I still get death threats from far right-wing verbal assassins via e-mail. I believe there should be an open and honest debate about this this kind of uncivil conduct, and it must come from ALL sides.

  17. I sure hope were taking our country back hun!

  18. I love a person who tells it like it is, and thats you Pam...Bravo!

  19. Btw, what (O)CT(O)PUS said... is a load of crap.

  20. Here we go again. GHB posts about racism and the cranks get mad at him for talking about racism. Now Mr. Octopus calls for a more civil discourse, ON A BLOG RENOWNED FOR CIVILITY. I know because I got smacked down by Mrs. Hart for uncivility. And here comes another crank uncivally attacking Octo for calling for civility.

  21. Truth: I'm going to do my next post about Octo's comment. I think it deserves it's own stage; because there is A LOT of hatred going around in our world on BOTH sides and it does need to be addressed

  22. This comment is meant for the above post, Hatred101, but the comment thread is now closed so I am posting it here.

    This news announcement earlier today: Senator Arlen Specter switches parties.

    In his statement, Senator mentions that 200,000 voters have switched parties from Republican to Democrat. Although I am partisan, I get no vicarious pleasure from Senator Specter’s announcement. Its a damn shame that he has been drummed out of the party by intolerant hacks. The man has been a statesman and party leader for over 40 years. Nevertheless, I do offer an observation.

    When you treat people with derision and scorn, when people throw slurs around like “bat crap Lynn” and “maggot” and “Gray Headed Monster,” how can one expect to win arguments, make friends, and influence people? Anger and incivility betrays any cause and drives people away. In this respect, partisan hotheads become their own worst enemy.

  23. Hi all~ While I applaud the very civil exchange happening here, I will point out that it's best to be consistent with one's behavior in order to be credible. (Octo, I think maybe you & Joe @ 'scogginsnoggin' know what I'm talking about.)

    Well said, Pam. There's no cause for us to use profanity, name-calling or hatred. But there is plenty of reason be sure we're not "talkin' out of both sides of your mouth", isn't there, Octo? (I really am sorry you ran into some numb-sculls in FL, though.)

  24. Susanna, I recall the referenced exchange, but there are aspects of this exchange that you were not privy to. For the record, these are the facts:

    On April 17, I posted this article about the National Tea Bag event, and left a link at Jo-Joe Politico, aka scogginsnoggin2. In response, Joe left an angry message under the comment section under my post. One of my colleagues responded to Joe’s comment: I did not.

    When I returned to Joe’s blog, I saw that he deleted my comment that contained the link. He left a new comment that accused me of spewing profanity that forced him to delete it.

    This is called “rigging the comment thread.” In other words, one deletes a blogger’s comment and then misrepresents what the blogger said. In fact, there was no profanity … never was … just a harmless link that Joe deleted and then grossly misrepresented.

    When one pulls a stunt like this, an angry response is quite appropriate and rightfully so. What Joe did was dishonest and deceptive.

  25. Well, Octo, I don't know the circumstances between you and Joe. However, I DO know how things can get misconstured. I think people SHOULD (and I don't use that word lightly because it's not one of my favorites) THINK before they type and hit that publish button. I blog like I live-respectful of EVERYONE. If I feel I'm being taken advantage of or if someone is just plain mean, I'll cut that person out. Short and to the point. I won't waste my time with fighting, etc. It's just not worth it. Life is too precious and too short. I just don't get why so many people waste so much time trying to prove a point with useless name calling. There are ways to get a point across without all that childishness. Just like our politicians, they act like little kids. Heck my 5 year old niece is more mature. A cute story: She released her salamandar because I told her it would die if she didn't. I told her sometimes we have to rise above our own feelings to do what's right. And the right thing to do was release the salamandar into the creek so it would live. She cried her little eyes out but released that salamandar in my dad's creek. Can you imagine if our politicans did what was right rather than what they wanted? Imagine if more people in this world did what was right rather than what felt good? This world would be a much better place.

  26. Pamela, I am with you 100%. One of our co-writers at the Zone, Rockync, posted this follow-up to the above. Please have a look.

    In retrospect, perhaps I should asked this questions: Why should one's political affiliation be a prerequisite for friendship or holding a civil conversation? Do any readers have friends on the opposite side of the political aisle [I do, many in fact]? Why do some people find it necessary to attack the person instead of debate the topic?

    Pamela, it was a worthy try. I am sorry the initiative backfired.

  27. As much as I and a loved one enjoy your site Pamela, I will stop visiting. My presence has caused you anguish and you're too good a person to be subjected to what I have a way of being a part of.

    Thank you for allowing me to post and I wish you success.

  28. Octo, I've been questioned on how I can be so understanding or civil to Liberals. Well, it's because I have friends and family members who are Liberals and unless I don't want them in my life anymore I've had to learn how to speak without judgment, ignorance or superiority. I had a Democrat from work tell me after a political discussion, "I never had a Republican speak to me with such respect before." I guess it's because I do what you mentioned, "never attack the person, only the topic."

  29. Truth, I don't know why you think your presence caused me anguish. I have no idea who started what. I'm just glad it's over. I think as long as everyone follows the rules and stays on topic things will be fine.

    And thank you for your kind words.

  30. A quick note. I've had requests to re-open the comment section on the above post. I'm going to...so let's hope I don't end up regretting it.

  31. i can only speak for myself- so i shall. i was never particularly 'political' until after 9/11. i do agree with time's comment about the republicans holding the most political power for the past 30 years or so and i did a series of research starting in about 2006 on the last administration. i was a democrat until i moved last year- and then i changed my party affiliation to 'unaffilated' with any party- because quite frankly, i don't fit into either one.

    i will be honest, i am most definitely a social liberal- i believe in national healthcare so that everyone can have the basics- and as i can't afford health insurance and i have watched my mom's health decline after not having access to basic healthcare- to me, this is a non issue. the semantics can be worked out but every america deserves basic healthcare- on a purely human level.

    i worked very diligently to help work against the last 8 years of secrecy and erosion of civil liberties- and i have been called horrible names by the right... and the left. i have watched as basic civil liberties- such as the right to privacy, freedom of speech, the right of habeus corpus, the protection from unlawful search and seizure- have been systematically removed from the constitution--- by the bush/cheney administration- and no, i won't give them respect for that.

    but i have also watched as the democratic party stood by and let it happen with nary a peep. no 'moral indignation' or minority party filibusters so that the torture committed in our names- as americans- couldn't be funded. nope. there are democratic names amongst the right wing signatures on the patriot act and the military commissions act- and that isn't what my country is all about.

    sorry this is sort of lengthy- there is a misconception on the right about us on the left that we don't love our country because we are often critical of it. and that is patently untrue. there isn't a day that goes by that i don't think about how very lucky i am to live in a land where we were once 'the land of the free and the home of the brave'- but i realize that we have much work to do. i look at what is going on and i see how very wrong it is- how the constitution has been shredded by a few in spite of the fact that the many want to live by it. that doesn't make me a traitor- it makes me a patriot.

    in my america, we are free men and women. we aren't cowed and scared by terrorist attacks or swine flus- into giving up our liberty for safety. we have been at a crossroads- we are either a free and open society that keeps our government in check- or we are scared cowards who allow 'the experts' to 'protect' us while taking away our freedoms. we can't have it both ways.

    sorry pamela- but this is the first time i have been invited to have a voice at a conservative blog in over 2 years. many on the right aren't secure enough to have differing viewpoints- and the same can be said for the left. it's why i admire time :)


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