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Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yes, it’s MY birthday today. I’m not at all modest in announcing it. Years ago I was. I didn’t even celebrate my birthday. It’s a long, complicated story and one I will not bore you with. I will say this though, a birthday is to be celebrated because it is the day the world was blessed with your life.

Always celebrate the day you were born. Never be afraid of aging, because age is only a number and the older you get the wiser you will become if you are smart enough to keep your eyes, ears and mind open to the world around you.


  1. Happy Birthday, Pam. And many more.

  2. Happy birthday , Pamela, and many more to come (as a wise old friends once said: "Age is in the head ... so think young thoughts.")

  3. pam- time got hacked badly. his blog has been taken over by someone who is foul mouthed. it's ugly.

    on a happier note- happy birthday!!! i agree totally. i didn't even feel anything until 30! it was like i let out a big sigh- and i have been happier about being an adult ever since :)

  4. Happy Birthday Pam. Boy, you've missed an interesting week. I've become Time's new target....and boy is it fun! Hope you have many more!!

  5. Blue: Thank you for the Birthday wishes and I hope I have many more too. There is still a lot more I want to do!

    Octo: Your friend DOES sound wise and I will do my best to think young thoughts forever! Thank you!

    Betmo: Thank you for stopping by and wishing me Happy Birthday and I agree, once you get over that 30 mark it’s great!

    Jennifer: Thank you! I saw that you are the new target. And here I thought Health Scare was going to be the highlight while I was gone!

  6. Happy Birthday to you... Congrats.

  7. Happy Birthday, Pamela! I tend to play down the whole birthday thing. I'm at an age now where, if I ignore it, maybe it doesn't really happen so I can't possibly get another year older.
    Kind of like if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it... :)

  8. Have a wonderful Birthday Pamela and Many, Many, Happy Return Of The DAY.
    I hope you have a great time with lots of cake and whatever.. love & best wishes.

  9. Thank you, Bob. Another year, so I do feel like congratulations are in order!

    Rocky, for some reason I see you as a youngster! So, you must be extremely young at heart. Thank you for stopping by with birthday wishes.

    Thank you very much, Deboniar. Birthdays are wonderful, aren’t they? A day to indulge, especially when you have a spouse like mine…I should be wearing a crown!

  10. Happy birthday to you, Pamela!

    I share your sentiments regarding aging and it's a good thing that I do 'cause I'm way older than you are. :)

  11. Well, Pam, my husband is always telling me I'm "child-like".
    Now that I'm over 50, have my mortgage paid off and live simply, I can just do what I want and that is very liberating.

  12. Well, Happy Birthday, and may God grant you many more.

  13. Happy Birthday to you darling.
    May the Good Lord Bless you with all his Goodness.

  14. I hate to be under that Gray Head, but I will just to wish you a Happy Birthday.

  15. DaRena: Remember, age is only a number. Read Octo’s message and think young thoughts!

    An American: Thank you for “Caring” enough to stop by!

    Rocky: Congrats to YOU! Doesn’t the house and grass look and feel different went it’s ALL yours!

    Dear Reverend: Thank you for your nice blessings. I hope I live to be 100! And may they all be healthy, because without one’s health, one is not fortunate.

    Gray: What a gracious birthday wish, thank you so much.

    Jeff: Thank you for the birthday wishes. But did you really have to say that about Gray when he said something SO nice to me? Can’t we put our differences aside just for a day?

    Here to Say: Thank you!

  16. Egads! Even I have to admit that you're one of the things that's right about the Right. Happy birthday Pamela.

  17. What a nice compliment, Truth! Thank you!


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