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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

In a letter to his wife, Abigail, John Adams wrote that Independence Day “ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.”

It is my sincere wish that my fellow bloggers have a happy and safe Independence Day. I hope it is filled with family and friends, fun and happiness. But most importantly, I hope we all remember those who sacrificed and died so that we can enjoy all that we possess, especially our most revered commodity…our Freedom.


  1. Same to you Lady! And yes, remember those who serve!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful Independence Day Pam!!!! We haven't known each other long, but it sure doesn't feel that way. Hope you stuffed yourself full of food, friends and family!!!! ((hugs))

  3. Pamela - If that's what John Adams said, then that's how it should be!

    Hope your fourth was great.

  4. I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July.

  5. This proclamation raised the specter of a wholesale flight of slaves to the British, and caused Slave-Masters considerable fear of slave mutinies and massacres. In response to the British freeing the Blacks who would fight for then Washington reversed his decision and wrote, Colonel Henry Lee, December 20,1775 saying: "Success will depend on which side can arm the Negroes faster."

    When I was in school I was never taught the facts just mentioned. I'm proud that Black people fought in the war that helped win America's independence but I feel real upset that Black people didn't get their independence. I knew that black people were in the war but I never knew we were at the forefront of this historic event. The schools gave me the impression we were just there when it happened and not telling us that we were key players. Do I smell a conspiracy?
    The Fourth of July is your holiday, not mine.

  6. Gray: I think I mentioned in a previous post to you about a movie I watched, Glory. It was about the about the Federal Army during the Civil War in which Colonel Shaw had voluntary black soldiers and had to deal with the prejudices against them. I believe we have come a long way from that time, and while we still may have some prejudices, we have also fought through a lot of racism, too. We have a black President and over 20,000 people attended Michael Jackson’s funeral and millions watched it on TV, black and white. Those are just two examples. I’m sorry you feel like there is still prejudice, bigotry and racism, however, not all whites are like that. Just like not all blacks are hoodlums. I believe we have to take each person individually.

    It is also sad that our History books today don’t depict the truth of American history. That’s what we get for allowing government to run our education system. It’s a good idea for parents to teach history, among other things, at home. That way, as parents, we can ensure our children will learn the truth.

    Independence Day is a day for ALL Americans, Gray, not just white, not just black, not just Indian. If you live in America and are free, then it’s a holiday for YOU. Although, with the way Congress is dictating to us, we may not have many freedoms left.

  7. "The Fourth of July is your holiday, not mine."

    Wow! Really!! Are you free to believe in whoever and whatever you want? Are you free to speak your mind without the fear of getting your head cut off? Are you free to get a job that you choose? If you live everyday with freedom then this holiday is for YOU. Try saying that to a veteran or someone that has lost someone fighting for our country. I'd imagine they would have a few choice words for you.

    Pam is right about school. I think what they teach is severely lacking in many ways. There are many things that I would change about what is taught!!

  8. The Gray Head is a typical leftist moron who the liberal bloggers in "THAT" other place idealizes. a retarded moron who escaped form the TROTH101's blog.
    and now came here to try and discredit America once again.
    Go directly to hell and look for your buddy Michale Jackson, he's waiting for you there.

  9. I'd bet there are a whole lot of people who are Veterans and bloggers here (including myself) that would like to rip your gray hair out of your head for being what you are!!!!!
    If you don't love this country, there are ships leaving every day.. GET ON ONE!

  10. Very well put Debbie. I couldn't have said it more elegantly than you did.
    These stupid insecure, ignorant, people like The Gray Headed Schmuck with no other task in life but to degrade America and demean people of a different race but really only degrade themselves by doing so.
    A racist liberal who attacks the conservatives for not agreeing with everything they say. You will often find them accusing Republicans of being ignorant racists.
    Gray Head is very much like Al Sharpton who also defines the ultimate "racists" who likes to make a lot of noise over nothing, showing just how degrading and racist people can be (EVEN IF THEY ARE BLACK) are to white people.
    Black Racists are hypocrites at their worst. Every race has its dumb asses like The Gray Headed Schmuck, the only difference is their upbringing and skin color.
    In Gray Schmuck's case, we are dealing with a ignorant, arrogant, racist, idiot.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. All these words directed at one person:

    Moron - twice

    Bastard - twice

    Idiot - once

    Stupid - once

    Retarded - once

    Go To Hell - once

    Ignorant - 3 times

    Racist - 6 times

    Schmuck - once

    Raving Lunatic - once

    There is some real hate towards the "Beard" who expressed a view that is obviously disagreed with.

    I point out that the "Beard" did not use bad language when expressing his views.

    Ah, blogger civility!

    19 insults in 3 comments, nice batting record.

    These 3 are the same people who sent nasty messages to my blog.

    I refused to post them.

  14. It sounds to me like "Time" has some pretty think skin... I doubt that he's a Brother!
    Maybe you should try a energy drink or some vitamins.

  15. I was reading the comment posted by this guy Time, who obviously doesn't know very many black people, people forget that curse words can be really, really funny, ... I immediately started pouring smoke from my ears. I'm going to pray to god that he comes back to read this posting. For you to make a huge generalization about an entire race shows just how ignorant you are yourself. I usually don't respond to ignorance like this, but this is ridiculous.

  16. Hey Gray Headed Brother STICK IT!

  17. This time I have to agree with you guys.

  18. Ive read some of the gray headed bro's stuff and I must say that the dumbest damn thing I've ever seen was his post right here about slave master crap and that the 4th of July was not his holiday!
    He should get his ass shot off by some Military Vet for saying that.
    You may be proud to be black, but I'm not proud of you!!!!!

  19. And there you have it...the dirty little secret is out. Racism is alive and well in America ...
    In racism, there is definitely an "us" vs. "them" mentality. "we" or "they". there is also a lot of bullshit that gets spewed as a way to release tension of the self, and there are a lot of cowardly, man less nocturnal activities that occur to instill fear in neighbors. if those klub members are so proud, why do they wear those bedsheets, and only set fire to crosses in the dark? why don't they take their masks off and be PROUD of that white supremacy they carry around in their miserable, lonely, ignorant hearts. burn that shit in broad daylight! c'mon! PRIDE! PRIDE! don't hide it in the dark! oh, wait. cowardly pride is a different thing entirely.

    Obama. is the president now!!! Obama. yessiree, no more Master boss.... I think our destiny is on a new track, and we might indeed be airlifted out of this hand basket we are in that is heading straight to hell and maybe, just maybe the worm has turned!

    Are whiteys afraid that Obama's presidency will bring about huge racial shifts, and suddenly the whiteys will make less to the dollar? Are whiteys that they will all be sent to southern plantations to pick cotton and be beaten with leather whips and hooks for the rest of their lives?

  20. Wow, I came here to wish you all a happy and great 4th of July and a good summer. and I just saw the post from our nut-case blogging friend.
    It seems like this guy need a guide for "Idiot's who Blog"
    But it just shows us that there are Ignorant Racists of all colors.

    Oh I almost forgot.
    Happy belated Independence Day!

  21. Gray: I think you misinterpreted what I meant by “Obama is President now.” But I believe you did that on purpose. And I think you know better than to say I think he will make whites pick cotton. That is just a very silly thing to say.

    You are correct, however, in that we are on a new track. Our destiny is in the hands of the corrupt politicians in Congress. And it’s high time WE Americans woke up and stopped the petty bickering before we lose all our freedoms.

  22. "And there you have it...the dirty little secret is out. Racism is alive and well in America ..."

    Yes, unfortunately it is. As much as people try, racism will always be around.

    Your post is proof positive. You've displayed racism and then tried to pin it on others. I don't agree with all the name calling but your post and your attitude are a disgrace! You say and us vs them mentality and you've portrayed that by your every word!

  23. I think it was James that pegged it a while back. I don't think this Brother is the same Gray headed Brother who's program I dug.

    The original was a far better writer and had a huge amount of class. His IP address was different also.

  24. TRUTH 101 said...
    'I think it was James that pegged it a while back. I don't think this Brother is the same Gray headed Brother who's program I dug.'

    The Gray headed bastard was and is a dirty racist creep no matter which one it was/is. I don't care if this is the real one or not. To "dig" either one of them is a shame, because they are birds of a feather... Vultures.
    A fire on both of their houses!


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