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Monday, March 22, 2010

Heath Care Passed—Law of the Land

Last night, Health Care passed in a 219-212 victory for the Democrats, but it did so without one Republican vote. This bill is now the law of the land which will affect every man, woman and child in the United States.

While I do believe that eliminating pre-existing conditions is one positive aspect of this bill, there is very little else that I find complimentary. I haven’t finished reading the bill but so far I’ve read that the IRS will be expanded, mandates and taxes increased, Medicare cut while Medicaid increased and Americans will be forced to purchase insurance or pay fines.

Only time will tell if this monstrous legislation will be good for America, let alone all the American people, but I’m leaning toward not. My suggestion is that the American people read the bill to become as informed as possible. Even with the passing of this bill, we can’t stop educating ourselves.

Let’s remain optimistic. This is still a great Country and we must do everything we can to keep it that way. I am proud that so many Americans have taken up the task to learn about our history and taken part in it. Let’s not stop, just as history doesn’t cease. We are Americans and need to remain vigilant and informed. Bless us and America.


  1. Yeah, well over 37 states are on board against this bill. They know that this will increase central government control and not only weaken states, but cause our HC premiums to increase.

  2. Welcome to our first day of Socialism. Today I'm dispirited and depressed. Tomorrow I begin working to defeat my congressman who voted for this to start I will vote against any democrat in my state of Mississippi. Travis Childers is my representative here he is a so called conservative democrat. But as we saw last night with the Pro life democrats there is no such thing. As I kept hearing yesterday the democrat party "let" some democrats from conservative districts vote against the bill to (they think) stem the tide in November. Once again the Marxist from Kenya has violated and trampled the Constitution.
    I am totally sick of these Liberals who are skilled at taking things that the free market has made ubiquitous: housing, electronics, medicine and declaring them 'rights' to be confiscated, devalued and/or redistributed under the rubric of fairness, equality, necessity, etc. In my 52 yrs. of living I have never not one time asked my government to help or assist me in any way. Now I think I'll learn how. I will make a concerted effort enhance my personal wealth by scamming the system. That will become the national pass-time. And by the way. JUST WATCH for whats coming down the pike. BEFORE THE NOV. ELECTION. Amnesty, & energy (cap and trade), they have to pass this fast to complete the takeover. Here are the first few things I’m going to do to celebrate this victory of Obama .. .
    1.Never, ever vote for a democrat
    2. Never buy another GM product
    3. Pis$ on Teddy Kennedy's grave when I get the chance.
    4. Do whatever I can to see that Obama never wins another election.
    I will mourn today. Tomorrow I will devote all my free time, energy and money to throw these arrogant elitists out starting in November.
    A democratic vote will never come from my family...EVER! NEVER!
    Anyone who voted for this has cast their vote to enslave you and every other hard-working, law-abiding, tax-paying American. Not only should we constantly remind everyone we know of this fact, we need to let these traitors know that we will never forget not forgive what they have done. May they never again be able to show their faces in public without some patriot pointing at them and loudly exclaiming TRAITOR!

  3. My heart goes out to the unemployed. Because as a small business owner (a sporting goods store)with 5 employees I would never ever consider hiring another employee. And considering Caterpillar industry reports that ObamaCare will cost them over 100 million dollars in the first year alone, I may have 4 employees and they may have hundreds of thousands times that, but I bet they won't hire either

  4. There is a good chance that this bill is going to be repealed. All I know is that lawsuits galore are in the workings as soon as Obama signs this into law.

  5. Right View: when you decline Social Security, Medicare, medicaid, VA Benefits, unemployment insurance, federal highway system, having your street plowed, then talk to us about your socialism concerns.

    And you wouldn't vote for a Democrat even if He was Jesus Christ so your threat is virtually meaningless.

    I do see the irony of the republicans who could have used this to strengthen anti abortion laws. Obama and the Democrats were giving away whatever they had to to get a victory. But as usual, the republicans didn't. It was Stupak who got Obama to reaffirm the federal policy of no tax money to pay for abortion.

    The republicans have lied about this since Roe V Wade. Stupak exposed them once again for the closet pro choicers they truly are.

  6. With or without the ban on federal funding for abortions this is a horrific bill and will HURT every American and their health care. It was the Republicans' obligation and duty to listen to their constituents and vote NO since a majority of Americans did not approve of this bill. The Democrats ignored the will of the people and there will political fallout for their actions in November. Stupak and the other "pro-lifers" are the ones that made a pact with the devil.

  7. And Frankly, you Obama ass kissers sicken me... ..We will remember all of you traitors in November. All you Libs and democrats won't be quite so gleeful on Nov 05.
    The Karl Marx, Lennin, followers of this fake president we have just sealed their fates. I along with the rest of America will watch closely how many "special" deals were given to buy these votes in the house. I will also guarantee that ANY Dem who voted for this shitty bill, I will support with my money and time to defeat. This includes Pelosi, Reid and Obama. They have just taken over 20 percent of my money out of my pocket. I will work out a way to spend that money on defeating these Un-American liars. It will be a major change in Washington come November. But I will also warn the Republicans. You had better learned from last time. We will not put up with your poor leadership again.

    Odumba corrupted the system once again. Bought politicans for a yes vote with our tax dollars. This practice is illegal in Business but then again whats illegal with Odumba. He always get what he wants like a third grader. Now Odumba will grant citizenship to all illegals. Why do we even bother to have border patrols?
    And as for people who are Fascist and Marxist and Socialist lovers, please, please do me one big favor and GET OUT OF MY FACE. I can't stand you.

  8. Start packing your bags you bunch of traitors, when Americans put you in Congress it was to do the will of the people, not the would be dictator Obama!! The majority of Americans said NO to this bill and you turned a deaf ear. You refused to hear us. You'll hear us at mid term and again in the 2012 elections. The back room deals and bribery over this bill is unprecedented!! Obama brought his ugly politics from Chicago and it will be the undoing of America if we don't get his smelly butt out of the White House, along with his Smart ass wife..

  9. Every DemocRAT (progressive) who voted for this smelly pile of donkey dung will be hunted down like dogs and kicked out of office, one by one, if it takes the next 2 or 4 years. We are motivated and it will be done.

  10. The provisions to prevebt insureres from denying or dropping covergae for pre existing conditions were republican ideas Teresa. The republicans in essence voted against themselves.

    Nice to see the Boxing Lady starting the reractionary nonsense. Does this mena I can take the gloves off also and start calling the righties facists Pamela?

  11. According to Gallop, 48% were against the bill compared to 45% for the bill...hardly a huge gap when you consider the likes of Rush, Beck, Palin, et al who have continued to spread lie after lie about what the bill would (and would not) cover.

    The democratic leaders did a poor job communicating (and selling) the benefits of the bill while the republicans failed to budge from their "NO!" position.

  12. Hi Pam,

    Kudos to you. Yours is one of the few conservative blog posts that doesn't say that America is defeated, dying, dead, over or some other extremist prediction.

    None of that is true.

    Half of this country wants health care reform. This bill has over 200 Republican amendments in it, but not one Republican voted for it.

    They voted against their own amendments.

    No one is a traitor to her country because she votes for something she believes in.

    Some people take opposition too far and turn it into a reason to incite violence and demonize our duly elected president.

    I want to congratulate you for being a conservative who sticks to her values without resorting to vitriol, name-calling, and threats of violence.

    That is so not you.

    And you know what? When the conservatives are back in power--and of course they will be someday--your example will be remembered and returned in kind when we liberals experience a legislative defeat.

  13. Be sure and buy some health care insurance company stock. They just got millions of new customers, and an army of IRS agents to make sure Americans buy health care insurance company policies. People like BPB don't have to worry, he's one of those lazy bums already getting free benefits from the government.

  14. A democratic vote will never come from my family...EVER! NEVER!

    I love this.

    What will you do if some member of your family exercises their independent, sovereign right to vote Democratic?

    Beat them up?

    Force them to change their ways?

    That'd be awfully totalitarian/dictator of you, wouldn't it?

    I truly, with all my heart, hope that you or any of your loved ones never find yourselves in a situation where you cannot obtain healthcare you need.

    The millions of people in this country who hold jobs that do not offer health insurance, who cannot afford the premiums and deductibles of private insurance OR cannot obtain private insurance due to exclusions and preexisting conditions... pay taxes and work as hard as anyone else does.

    But when they get sick, or get in an accident, and require healthcare, they either go without it or risk losing everything they have.

    To want to give these people an equal opportunity to be healthy, to be free from sickness and pain, and to not need to fear that an accident, a heart attack, or the flu will bankrupt them... doesn't make someone a traitor.

    For the hardworking, taxpaying people who do have healthcare, they live in fear that if they get sick and need to actually use the insurance they pay for, their insurance company will rescind them or deny them care and treatments that they need.

    To want to make sure that these people aren't denied coverage when they need it the most, and who get the care and treatments they need doesn't make someone a traitor.

    I fail to understand how wanting to help people makes me a traitor.

  15. I would like to remind everyone that I believe we can all disagree with dignity.

    Also, it doesn’t bother me if Liberals call Beck, Limbaugh or any other right-wing talk-show host names, just as I don’t mind if Conservatives call Stewart or Olbermann names. I also don’t care what’s said about the Republicans or the Democrats in Washington. However, I DO care about what is said about MY readers, both Conservative and Liberal, here on MY blog.

    I feel that opinions are unique and should be respected. No one has to agree with an opinion, but here on my blog people need to be courteous of another’s view point, even if they don’t agree with it. Consequently, calling someone a liar because his/her opinion doesn’t coincide with yours isn’t acceptable in my opinion or on my blog.

    Please, let us all be civil when disputing. Thank you for your cooperation.

  16. Satyavati devi dasi said...
    A democratic vote will never come from my family...EVER! NEVER!
    I love this.
    What will you do if some member of your family exercises their independent, sovereign right to vote Democratic?
    Beat them up?
    Force them to change their ways?
    That'd be awfully totalitarian/dictator of you, wouldn't it?

    Sorry Pam, But I won’t be civil when disputing this!

    Oh Give Me A Friggen Break. So what? Can’t a women speak for her husband? Is it so unusually for someone that is that close to their spouse to know what the other thinks? I know that MY wife and I have discussed this disastrous vote all morning and we could surely speak for one another, so why the hell are you picking on her for such a damn foolish reason? Who the hell do you people think you are! We are not second class citizens to be ridiculed by the likes of you.
    I’m sorry Pam, I did read your last post, but I’ll be damned if I’, going to just stand by and allow these self admitted Marxists to talk to my fellow Americans that way. Don’t ell me that anyone who favors the other side or merely disagrees with a liberal are fair game to make fun of. We didn’t lose that much freedom yesterday. So cut the liberal bullshit now.

    Pam you don’t have to ball me out, I’ll leave on my own behalf. But I’m not going to listen to that worthless bullshit without a response.

  17. Please Malcontent. Let us not alow anger and misunderstanding to turn this discussion into a melee.

    I totally understand your obedience to your wife and her opinions. In fact, it is revealing as to who you are. And if I were in your situation I would also tell my right leaning wife I swore at some lefties in hopes she wouldn't get mad at me for not taking out the trash. Or better still, agreeing to some "whoopee."

    Now that I understand you better Mal, I will endeavor to be more civil and understanding of you.

    As a token of my sincerity I'll send an apron to Pamela which I ask her to forward to you. I saw one in a catalog that said:

    "Socialist Pig Bar-B-Quer" on it. It had a picture of Nancy Pelosi with an aplle in her mouth. I got the last one that said "Right Wing Pig Bar-B-Quer" and had Rush Limbaugh with an apple in his mouth.

  18. TOM said...

    Be sure and buy some health care insurance company stock. They just got millions of new customers, and an army of IRS agents to make sure Americans buy health care insurance company policies. People like BPB don't have to worry, he's one of those lazy bums already getting free benefits from the government.

    And I'm the one with emotional problems? I EARNED my stuff. I took a gamble and stayed on 20 years and was allowed to retire. If this is how you wanna do things, I guess you really are as pathetic as I first thought.

    You keep saying you wont talk to me or answer me because I am a child, but here we are again...

    ps...Your ignorance of politics, the government, and society astound even me.

  19. As soon as I heard the first reports that Bob Stupid was working on a "compromise" to throw the Unborn under the bus, I resigned myself to the fact that this thing was going to pass. So the Rats won a battle, but the War isn't over.
    The Marxist, Socialists Lib’s may have won. But did they really win? They did it by bribery, by arm twisting and by threats, but this is the way the Marxist, Socialists do things. So get used to it. We now have a ignorant bunch of little Neo Nazis running around like packs of dogs digging us into a state of Socialism.
    This is not only about a Heath-care bill that we can't afford , it's about abuse of power and Socialism.

    As for you TRUTH 101 Pardon me, but you've obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a damn what you say or think..

  20. BPB,

    I don't know what you expect when you wrongly attack someone. That wall of hate you have must be the love you spread.
    The right wing kooks are becoming unhinged.

  21. What happened last night puts us well on our way to Socialism. Even if we can stop the slide, it will take 20 years at best to undo what is going to take place in the next few months.

    And by the way comrades, in case you haven't heard it yet. Now that their dirty work is over, the once mighty community activist group ACORN says they are folding.
    I would be permanently banned from Pam's, for gross violations, if i really told you how I felt about it..

  22. Pam, some of your bloggers forget that they attack first with condescension, derision, and anger, but can't take the heat when it's fired back at them. This goes for both Shaw (re-reading her comments and her forgetting what put me at odds with her in the first place which was calling me ignorant and laughing at me), and Tom who apparently cannot keep from insulting me.

    I refuse to be insulted by people who crawl away like a wounded baby bird when they get their licks handed back to them.

    Again Tom, I didn't mention you starting this post, but you damn sure had to keep at it. What wall of hate you are talking about eludes me, but I do know that you are hateful, otherwise you would take your other personality's advice and ignore me. Instead you are determined to ridicule me and keep my attention.
    I started on the last two posts talking about the issue, even mocking some so-called conservatives, but then the scoffing from your side started Tom and Shaw. I'm not going to roll over for you ever. You were both wrong. One for attacking another blogger calling them ignorant, and another for drawing me into something that had nothing to do with the issue. The point is, if you are ugly with me, don't be surprised and try to invent me as a bully when you get yours back.

    Obamacare is socialism. The Army and all branches of military pay retirement to those who serve a term greater than 20 years or indefinite in some cases. Deal with it. Different economic model. I can't control the VA hospital free health care, but some vets need it, I use TRICARE whose premiums are sure to go up if this socialist takeover of medicine happens. I'm sure that makes all of you libs really happy, but not to worry...

    It indicates to me that many of you either don't have healthcare, or are wealthy enough to own good plans which makes you hypocrites. Either way, I doubt many of you put your lives on the line the way service members do, so your argument is wrong.

  23. "While I do believe that eliminating pre-existing conditions is one positive aspect of this bill" I agree Pamela, but it doesn't kick in until 2014 for adults... I 'think' it kicks in immediately for children though. This could have been passed, I believe, as a stand alone with 100% support. I'm really disgusted with not only the bill, but the entire process. Bribery, back room deals, total LACK of transparency and total refusal to listen to We the People has motivated me to work to get rid of all of them this November... Remember in November!!!

  24. I use TRICARE whose premiums are sure to go up if this socialist takeover of medicine happens.

    One of the specific items that was passed last night was a measure that completely exempts all military benefits from any part of the reform measures passed.

    I hope this relieves your mind somewhat.

  25. That's not what I heard at a few vet sites, but if you say so, it might be true.

  26. And once again, in the interest of clarity, to speak for myself, I am not a Marxist.

    I am indeed a Socialist, but contrary to common opinion, Communists, Socialists, Marxists, and Fascists do not share the same ideology.

    Additionally, as just one more reminder: Obama, all of his administration, and all of his policies, including the health care reform bill, are not Socialist, Communist, Marxist or Fascist.

    Obama is a centrist. If he were a Socialist, the insurance industry would be pushing up daisies right now rather than watching its stock skyrocket, and universal, single-payer healthcare would be a reality.

  27. Here you go, BPB.. knowledge is power.

    House votes to exempt TRICARE from health reform bill

    By Katherine McIntire Peters kpeters@govexec.com March 21, 2010

    House lawmakers over the weekend voted to protect TRICARE and Defense non-appropriated fund health care beneficiaries from unintended consequences of national health reform.

    The exemption (H.R. 4887) applies to the health care coverage provided by the Defense Department to military service members, retirees and their families. It clarifies the tax code to stipulate that coverage provided by Defense is treated as minimal essential coverage, ensuring that service members and their families will not need to purchase additional coverage to meet new health insurance requirements.

    The legislation was introduced late Friday by Rep. Ike Skelton, D-Mo., chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. The full House approved it by a vote of 403-0 on Saturday afternoon.

  28. We can agree to disagree on the president and his staff. As for you, I don't remember calling you one, I don't think most liberals are marxists, but it's pretty damn close.

    Anyways, I wasn't referring to you at all. BTW, that was one killer rig you have. How's that amp head sound?

  29. I fail to understand the Apocalyptic reactions. It's not socialism or marxism, it's not the anti-Christ.

    It's a piece of very bad legislation which overwhelmingly benefits the health insurance industry. It has few benefits, most of which are vaguely worded and won't stand up in court. The bill has nothing remotely involving a govt takeover, it instead mandates control to the private health insurance industry.

    Don't Republicans favor the private sector? Here you go, that's what it does. And being crony capitalists the Obama administration uses govt to force the mandate.

    It has similarities to Nixon's plan. Any objective analysis will infer a Republican slant.

  30. :) Mine is the Peavey Tour 450/Peavey TVX 410 cab. It sounds amazing... the cab is perfect, lows are smooth, clean, crispy.. the only thing is that it needs casters, it weighs like 102 lbs! This cab replaced an Acoustic B410 which was very sludgy with any volume on it.

    His is the Engl Powerball through the Marshall 1960 and it sounds great, super loud, clean channels are really sparkly clean, gain channels melt the paint off the walls.

    I still can't decide which of my basses sound better. Whichever one I'm playing at the moment :)


    "This goes for both Shaw (re-reading her comments and her forgetting what put me at odds with her in the first place which was calling me ignorant and laughing at me)"

    I challenge you to find and post where I did that on this thread.

    It never happened.

    Put up or shut up.

  32. I am really getting annoyed with some of the really dumb comments on this thread...

    Lets get something straight: Comrade Tao is the ONLY MARXIST that post comments here...

    Saty is just a SOCIALIST...

    I am trying to convert her as I try to convert everyone to my utopian adventure!

    Ronald Reagan was our greatest recruiter!

    Now, get it straight no one can be called a Marxist but me!

  33. Why do you get to have all the fun Chairman TAO?

    And why does Malcontent have to continually tell me he doesn't care what I think. I care what he thinks as a fellow American. I want he and his family to have access to quality health care and a secure future. And once wew all start listening to that commie pinko Lenninist Trotskyesque Che Guevarra lovin Bolshevik dog Chairman TAO we'll all get that.

    All this and deficit neutral.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Oh this goes back alot farther than that, and it does annoy me the way you talk to people who don't share your ideology.

    I'd be cautious about calling people you have history with liars.

    I've castigated those on my so-called side for their behavior, only to turn around and watch you bait people.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Really, Army guy? You still hold a grudge against me because I corrected you on grammar a year ago? Wow! Your feelings must be extremely fragile for someone who spent 20 years in the military.

    I knew I could draw the ugliness out from below the thin skin.

    So you have to monitor how I speak to other people? You sound like a busybody. When I speak to other people, maybe they can defend themselves without your getting your knicker in a twist. And have these people ever ask you to step in a protect them from me? Or are you some sort of X-Man ready to protect people from the opinions of an "old woman?"

    No, but I am not going to let you go at other people's throats for their opinion.

    Exactly who put you in charge of monitoring what I say and how I say it?

    Oh, no one put me in charge of anything. I won't let you intimidate others who have an opposing view.

    Talk about an "old woman." You expose yourself in this answer as some sort of nanny who has to protect people who don't ask for your protection from an "old woman."

    So, then your definition of an "old woman" is someone acting like mother hen? My definition is based on my grandmother, an insane Irish democrat who slapped my face at age ten for disagreeing with Carter's terrible policies.

    Again, you cast me as the supposed "big, bad Army dude". Showing that I served demonstrates a frame of reference, not some macho shithead stuff. Most people who observe other cultures first hand can make rational observations about how good or bad that culture is in the world. I've seen it, got the t-shirt. Many countries, many times. So I know a little about socialism and it's pitfalls. Merkel is slowly leading Germany out of a democratic socialist state, and so is Sarkozy in France.

    You wanna play ugly with other people, they should get the same backing you get when your lib buddies circle the wagons around you. Period.

  38. BPB,

    While your at it, show me where I attacked you-never happened. I reserve the right to respond to your attacks against me.

  39. Far be it from me to interject myself here.

    Did your Grandma really slap your face for dissing Jimmy Carter BPB? Shaw. I think I just found a woman I dig more than you. Sorry.

  40. Yes. True. It shows two things:

    1. That grandparents were more than a figurehead about 30 years ago.

    2. That my grandmother was crazy.

    I'm glad you liked it, Truth. It doesn't bother me in the least.

  41. Okay---this bickering has to stop. We are ALL adults. We all have opinions, beliefs and view points and they WILL differ--PERIOD. That doesn’t mean anyone is more right than another—PERIOD. We WILL communicate without the anger and hate-filled vitriol on my blog or we won’t communicate at all—PERIOD.

    As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t matter who attacked whom first. Whoever is continuing it is WRONG. Remember Bush started the bailouts but Obama continued them—it was WRONG. However, if someone does take the time to apologize it’s gracious to accept the apology because MOST people don’t apologize unless they mean it.

    I hope you will all do your best to act accordingly and also remember that we are not computer screens, but HUMAN BEINGS. We’ve all felt fear of uncertainty over a wobbly relationship; a stabbing pain in our hearts at the betrayal of a friend; the twisting-knot of panic in the pit of our stomachs when a loved one is hurt or ill; dizzily petrified when waiting for a health diagnosis; and sightless due to stinging tears at the loss of a dear pet. These emotions make us the SAME! We are all REAL—all ALIVE, but yet we seem to forget.

    Let’s try to remember…

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. I never said that Shaw. Either someone is impersonating me, or I've been hacked. I assume the first.

    I don't go to your site regularly. I'm in San Antonio, check your visiting entries. I don't want to go there and be annoyed by your constant misinformation.

    Honestly, that isn't even something I would say. But believe what you want. I have no reason on earth to troll your silly site.

    If someone has, they have convinced you that it's me, but it ain't.

  44. The other piece to this is for you not to think that I knew anything about your personal life. So don't try to throw that on me. As soon as I found out, I apologized. I'm not sure why, but I did out of decency. I knew nothing of your sister, and I fail to see why you bring it up now.

    As for your cancer, I don't wish you any ill will. I do want you to stop bering ugly toward others.

    If this is another attempt to play the bird with a broken wing, it is lost on me. Homey don't play that anymore. I spoke my piece.

  45. As I said, I had no idea of your burden. It certainly didn't stop your attacks on my party. As that is the case, I felt compelled to fight back.

    You shouldn't expect less. You attacked me, I hit back. You want to bring your personal life up at this point? I don't live near or with you, so I have no idea. You didn't seem to care when my son bailed on me after I wasted most of my life savings. Should I say you were insensitive for that? And that you wounded me deeply?

  46. "You didn't seem to care when my son bailed on me after I wasted most of my life savings. Should I say you were insensitive for that? And that you wounded me deeply?"

    I had no part in that nor did I participate in anything related to it. Go back to your blog and see for yourself.

    Apparently you do not wish to accept my offer of forgiveness and friendship.

    So be it. As you wish.

  47. Pam,

    If you believe I've been "ugly" toward others, as BPB claims, please tell me.

    I tried to make things up here to no avail. I removed my comments because I opened up some personal things to dialog with BPB.

    It didn't work. I can't do anything to change that.

    I don't believe I'm "ugly" to your visitors. Opinionated? Yes. But you have no rules against that. And I notice everyone here is opinionated as well.

    Good night. And good luck.

  48. Interesting how you removed your prior post. I still never knew anything about your situation, so stop trying to cast it on me.

    I fail to see where you tried to make peace.

    And it's interesting that there was an erasure and an attack by an anon blogger right afterward.

  49. Pam,
    If you believe I've been "ugly" toward others, as BPB claims, please tell me.

    Shaw: No, I do not believe you are “ugly” toward others. And no being opinionated isn’t against any of my rules. If it were I’d be breaking them because it clearly states in my “About Me” that “ I'm an opinionated…” I think most of us here in Blogland are a bit opinionated, some more than others, or why else would we be so eager to leave our “opinions” in comment sections!

    Blue: I checked my sitemeter and that post by the “Coward Alert” person was not Shaw. It was posted from someone in Kissimmee Florida. As far as I know Shaw has never posted as anyone other than herself as she has no fear to say what’s on her mind, much like you. You are both very strong-minded, which is a good trait. It’s just when those “hard heads” of yours are butt up against one another that we seem have “issues” ;)

    I like BOTH of you and I feel sad when you two bicker. I would like to erase all the bad feelings that have transpired between you two as I think you would both get along fine, in spite of your political views, if you could just get passed the past.

  50. Hey, despite what was said, I can get past it if she can stop the attacks on others and stop acting wounded to deflect when she is wrong.

  51. I also want to keep the record straight. I never went to her site and told her anything about lying, despite what she said and then erased.

    I avoid for the most part, and don't post there. Ever.

  52. If you could please, keep an eye on that kissimmee blogger. Perhaps we could find out if this is the source of all of the attacks on both sides.

  53. CHAIRMAN TAO said...

    I am really getting annoyed with some of the really dumb comments on this thread...

    Well Boo, Freaken Hoo!

  54. I think this is all kind of sad. I don’t think that conservatives or right wingers should fight one another this harshly. I agree with a lot of what I’ve seen posted on this blog. We should be united against the left-wing destroyers of all that’s good and right and moral in this world. Right wingers should not be at each other’s throats!

    Satyavati devi dasi said...
    I am indeed a Socialist, but contrary to common opinion, Communists, Socialists, Marxists, and Fascists do not share the same ideology.

    As for what that self admitted Socialist Satyavati devi dasi said. then why are you here in America dictating your socialist philosophies to us and not in some Socialist state or in the Mideast in the service fighting us Capitalists , better yet, living in Palestine! People like you stay here to enjoy what this country offers and you have the audacity to promote Socialism here?
    People like you should get their ass kicked out of here for CHRIST’s SAKE!

  55. TMJ:

    Perhaps SDD stays in this country and self-identifies with a particular economic philosophy, Socialism, because here in America one is FREE to be what one wants so long as it poses no harm to one's neighbor.

    It is only in totalitarian countries where one is threatened for the free exercise of one's belief.

    What you said to SDD is wholely and thoroughly unAmerican, not what SDD believes in.

    BTW, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is a self-identified Socialist, as was the man who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, Francis Bellamy--a self-identified Christian Socialist.

    We Americans believe in individual freedom--to be what one chooses to be without fear of being chased out of one's country by people who disagree with them.

    You obviously hate this fundamental American principle.

    Meet me at the polls in November. Vote each and every one of these sob's out, including the wafflers on both sides. Install a filibuster proof majority in both houses, defend and dismantle this crap and begin impeachment preceding the day after the election. That is what we do.

  57. Shaw Kenawe said...
    Perhaps SDD stays in this country and self-identifies with a particular economic philosophy, Socialism, because here in America one is FREE to be what one wants so long as it poses no harm to one's neighbor

    Ahh, but it is harm to her neighbors!
    You Democrats think the voters will forget their takeover of the health industry by Nov. In the past this has worked but not this time. To hear Sharpton say that voters voted for Obama because they wanted socialism is beyond the pale. Watch what comes next that will be rammed through. Amnesty for illegals; cap-and-tax, take-over of the banking industry.

    Oh yeah, now that you that you have successfully elected an ideologue and a large cast of supporters, then arrogantly and crookedly, and forcefully negotiated in secret to compose a very partisan bill, then sold it incessantly while buying the Democratic votes needed for passage; now we should sit down and say, "Please sir, may I have some more?

    My personal rant is that I'm bruised and broken from trying to get to the radio every 15 minutes to half hour yesterday to turn it off before I had to listen to either Zippy or Bozo the Clown crowing about the bill passing during the newscasts and I'm sure it will continue today.
    We will not forget and they will not stop trying to achieve their socialist agenda. The health care bill has only emboldened them. I dread this day of gloating but it reaffirms to me that these people want to destroy this country by any means possible. There is a day of reckoning coming and I'm afraid that it's going to be very ugly.

  58. Am I Dreaming, Or Was This Once America?
    Last night, we made history,* said the anti-patriot, anti-American, anti-military, anti-freedom of choice Nancy Pelosi. *We honored the views of our founders who in the Declaration of Independence talked about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We believe the legislation that we have gives all people in our country the liberty to have healthier lives.*

    *Honored the views of our founders?*
    Excuse me?
    Is she really this stupid or just trying to convince others that the founding of America had nothing to do with freedom from government tyranny?

    I'm awestruck by these lunatics

  59. How is heatlh insurance for all Americans tyrannical?

  60. People like you stay here to enjoy what this country offers and you have the audacity to promote Socialism here?
    People like you should get their ass kicked out of here for CHRIST’s SAKE!

    People like me 'stay here'? I'm the sixth generation of my family in this country. To enjoy what this country offers? I contribute to it, with what I do, with my taxes, with my time. I'm PART of the good things this country offers.

    And please, tell me what's wrong with wanting everyone to have healthcare? Why is that such a bad thing? What about wanting ALL AMERICANS to have good health is evil?

    Ahh, but it is harm to her neighbors!

    Is it? You might wish you were my neighbour. Our nextdoor neighbour (half a mile away) has multiple sclerosis. She's real grateful to have neighbours like me, who's saved her life, and my husband, who's saved her thousands in fix-it bills.

    I fail to see how wanting EVERY AMERICAN to be healthy, to have access to decent healthcare and to not worry that healthcare costs will bankrupt them and make them homeless is evil, wrong or unAmerican.

    In fact, I think it's wholly and entirely American to care about one's neighbour. I also think it's right Christian, to be loving one's neighbour as one loves oneself. It WAS Jesus who said that bit about clothing the naked, tending the sick, feeding the hungry and all that, wasn't it?

  61. People like you should get their ass kicked out of here for CHRIST’s SAKE!

    And you know, right around the time that the Declaration of Independence was being written about all men being equal and religious freedom and all that jazz, Jews were being chased from hither to yon all around the colonies because no one wanted them.

    In fact, the history of the Jews is a big long story of being chased from lots of places, simply for believing wholeheartedly enough to live their beliefs.

    I would have thought that someone whose heritage included being the recipient of wholesale hatred would be tolerant and understanding of others who choose to live according to their beliefs.

  62. One other thing:

    We, who support this healthcare bill, want everyone to have healthcare, including you, who don't support it.

    We want to make sure that if you lose your job, and then have a heart attack, you'll still have health insurance.

    We want to make sure that if you develop some chronic or serious illness, that your insurance company can't drop you like you're hot.

    We want to make sure that having a chronic or serious illness won't prevent you from getting insurance.

    We want to do everything possible to make sure that an accident, injury or sickness won't bankrupt you, make you homeless, and ensure that bill collectors follow you for the rest of your natural life.

    We want to make sure that if you have a child born with a defect or born needing healthcare, that your insurance company won't deny them.

    We want to make sure that if your husband beats you senseless, that 'domestic violence' isn't considered a preexisting condition that your insurance company can deny you for.

    We want these things for you even if you hate us for wanting them for you. We want you to have good healthcare. We want you to be taken care of when you need to be, and not have to put up with pain and sickness because you're worried about the cost. We want your children to have every vaccination, every well-baby checkup, everything they need to grow up healthy. We want these things for you.

    Even though you hate us for wanting them for you.

  63. Satyavati,
    I want all those things too and don't hate you for supporting the health care bill. There are just much better ways to go about achieving what you stated than Obamacare or any type of govenment run health care. In all the other countries there is an increased rationing(even more than in this country presently), and longer waits for procedures and medicines than in the United States presently. I recently wrote a post on charity versus forced charity in which I explained a little bit about our liberty and freedoms being taken away from us by our government and other related issues. Conservatives are not against people having health care but the means at which this President went about doing it. It is the fact that he ignored the will of the American people which around 54% were against and 36% were for the health care bill. But, ALL people were for those items that you mentioned in your post, and if those were the only items in the bill all of congress and all of the American people (most likely) would have supported it. Even if we had a stimulus bill to provide health care to the poor I would have been for that.

  64. So after our brilliant Smartest Women in the World, Secretary of State opens her mouth in Israel....
    The percentage of Jewish Israelis who see the Obama Administration as being pro-Israel has declined from 31% to 6% IN ONE WEEK mind you, ONE WEEK.

    So much for our Dear Leader being a friend of Israel.
    And let me end by saying, I told you so.........
    Yes it has started.

  65. Teresa,

    What's so 'government takeover' about this bill?

    Insurance companies are going to have to stop the practice of recission.

    Insurance companies won't be able to deny you for preexisting conditions.

    The pools that are going to be set up are just like the pools that state and federal employees have now.

    People who have insurance aren't going to have to give it up. As far as people claiming that premiums are going to rise: first, didn't several companies just in the past month or so jack their rates about 40-50%? They've been doing that for years, without any 'government takeover' at all. Actually, the insurance companies are going to make out like bandits on this as they're getting millions of new insurees. This is an EXPANSION of business-they will be hiring more people to deal with the influx of new policyholders. Isn't this what people want? Job creation? Job stimulus? If you add 30 million policyholders, insurance companies are going to HAVE to hire a couple of people, don't you think?

    This bill is not the evil thing everyone thinks it is. Employers with less than half a million dollars in payroll aren't required to provide insurance. Employers with less than 50 employees aren't required to provide insurance. So much for collapsing small businesses.

    Businesses will receive tax credits to help purchase coverage, too.

    I mean, here's an expansion of one of the already-hugest industries in the country, private insurance companies, and people are calling it Socialism. I can bet you that BCBS, Cigna, United, and whoever other company I can't think of right now are really excited about the creation of all these new jobs.

    The government isn't 'taking over' healthcare. They're regulating it. The insurance companies have run rampant over everyone. They've been the ones who've decided what doctors people can see, what procedures will be covered, what medications will be included, what treatments will be excluded. They're the ones who've capped your benefits, and dropped you when you've become less than pure profit. They've essentially created a monopoly between themselves. They've never competed for individuals; they compete for company accounts. The actual person means nothing in their big picture.

    All the government's doing is creating a set of regulations to ensure that people get what they pay for, that they get treated fairly, that they get the care they need without being terrified of recission or preexisting conditions making them ineligible for a private policy should they lose their employer based insurance.

    I can't call this 'government healthcare'. It's not. The whole healthcare thing from the very beginning has been riddled with misinformation and propaganda to where even politicians (I'll name no names) are calling each other out for spreading more misinformation in the media. It's become a political war where the goal of providing good healthcare to everyone was deliberately subsumed into some evil takeover, in order to scare people.

    Really it's not.

  66. There are so many taxes in this bill on both small businesses and the health care companies that that is going to far outweigh the good that could have come from the good parts of the bill. The high taxes are meant to force the companies to go out of business. The unlimited cap in combination with the taxes is definitely going to force health care companies to fold and then we will have fewer options, and increased rationing for everyone.

  67. Teresa,

    The taxes aren't on small businesses.

    And the unlimited caps? The vast, vast majority of people never even get to the benefit limits they have now. But there are people with chronic conditions that do need them. Insurance companies are gamblers: they gamble that people aren't going to need their services. They do huge complicated statistic analysis and figure out how much money they can make off you. And that's why when you skew their plan, they drop you. But in the big picture, they're still making money, which is how CEOs get $27 million at the end of the year, and how they pay their dividends to their stockholders. In fact, insurance stock has gone up since this bill has passed.

    Insurance companies aren't going to fold. They're adding 30 million new policyholders, the majority of which aren't sick and don't have chronic conditions. These relatively healthy folk, who pay premiums, outweigh the sick folk who have more needs than they do. It's a balance game. This is how insurance has always worked. It's just that the companies got greedy and started in with all the recission and the preexisting crap to maximize their profits even more.

    I wouldn't worry about the insurance giants if I were you. They're not worried. They're all very excited about the billions in premiums they're going to be bringing in.

    And if you'd like to see 'rationing' at work right now today, you can try to get some information about private policies. The exclusions are ridiculous to the point of making the whole policy worthless.

    I am old enough to remember when birth control pills were an exclusion-even if they were medically necessary to treat conditions such as polycystic ovaries and endometriosis. People who needed them -who were, incidentally, suffering from conditions that cause infertility- weren't able to get them covered.

    And Teresa, the taxes aren't meant to put companies out of business. Believe me, the government doesn't want to take on any more of the mindbogglingly boring bullshit job of managing healthcare. And the companies won't go out of business.

    Trust me. If they're not worried (and they're not) you don't need to worry about them either.

  68. I have had severe endometriosis for over 12 years and I have never been denied either health insurance coverage or any type of treatments for it.

    "You’re a single guy without children? Tough, your policy must cover pediatric services. You’re a woman who can’t have children? Tough, your policy must cover maternity services. You’re a teetotaler? Tough, your policy must cover substance abuse treatment. (Add your own violation of personal freedom here.) (Section 1302)."

    You are an employer who offers health flexible spending arrangements and your employees want to deduct more than $2,500 from their salaries for it? Sorry, can’t do that. (Section 9005 (i)).

    Do you want a plan with lots of cost-sharing and low premiums? Well, the best you can do is a “Bronze plan,” which has benefits that provide benefits that are actuarially equivalent to 60% of the full actuarial value of the benefits provided under the plan. Anything lower than that, tough. (Section 1302 (d) (1) (A))

    You are a health insurer and you want to raise premiums to meet costs? Well, if that increase is deemed “unreasonable” by the Secretary of Health and Human Services it will be subject to review and can be denied. (Section 1003)

    But, we'll see whether the taxes puts the insurance companies out of business.

  69. Not enough people realize that the more the government "gives" the more it feels it can take. I'm on Social Security because I paid into it. I also have Medicare supplemental insurance. I have never been on welfare; I paid into COBRA when I was unemployed to keep my health insurance. I think that, at first blush, socialized medicine may look good. To some. But the taxes? Not so much. And down the road when we can't find a doctor, or a kidney, or a heart, not so much, either. But what the heck. I'm old by Ezekiel Emanuel's standards, so I'm not worth much. However, I still have a voice, and I can still educate myself. And I know what is unconstitutional.

    Pamela, I see what you mean about increased traffic. Um, no thanks. I tend to get rude now and then, but not to this extent. I'm not holier than thou, I just wouldn't want to be talked to that way. I know nerves are frazzled and tempers are flaring on both sides. Sheesh, what a mess. God bless you. And God bless continued freedom of speech.


  70. You’re a single guy without children? Tough, your policy must cover pediatric services. You’re a woman who can’t have children? Tough, your policy must cover maternity services. You’re a teetotaler? Tough, your policy must cover substance abuse treatment. (Add your own violation of personal freedom here.) (Section 1302)."

    Uh.. not to be funny or anything, but every policy I've ever had through every job I've ever had that's had insurance has covered all these things, despite the fact that I don't have children, can't have children, and have never been in rehab.

    In fact, most employer based healthcare plans do cover these things, if not ALL employer based healthcare plans.

    They also cover mental health services besides substance abuse.

    Have these just now become abuses of freedom, or has my employer been abusing me all these years by having a policy that covers these things, and I didn't have any choice about it because it was the only policy they offered?

    Cmon. This argument's pretty weak. Health insurance has never been a la carte.

  71. Satyavati devi dasi said...
    "I hear a lot of screaming about how the government's taken over healthcare and it's socialist and blah blah blah."

    You enjoy the moment, because it's only going to be "A Moment" The Americans that "CARE" about America will not stand for this Crap! This Socialist and the Socialist like him, You Included" will soon find out that American's don't want any part of this disgusting crap. And the blind people that voted for this wind-bag may or may-not wake up, but it won't matter. Too many of us are fed up enough to get him and the rest of that bunch of lice out of office.
    Well folks, he finally did it - Obama passed his beloved Health Care bill, beloved ONLY by the Democrats in Congress, the House and the White House. Yes, Obama arrogantly dismissed the will of the people - “We the People” were totally ignored and ridiculed by Obama as he rammed this colossal government entitlement program through the House of Representatives and the Senate - and this Marxist freak went and signed the bill only hours after it passed... Obama is a Disgrace to America and the Constitution
    Bankrupting the country weakens us. Breeding more dependency weakens us. Stifling innovation weakens us.
    That is the goal and purpose of the Obama presidency........to weaken, to stifle, to confuse, create chaos and then we all accept. Never, never, will I accept tyranny. The blatant corruption is beyond belief. Obama did this in Chicago, and now along with his thugs, have brought it to the nation. Those who voted for him deserve whatever happens. I don't, I did not vote for this social radical communist who thinks it's all about him! Stand up and be heard America, it is your country and your FREEDOMS! Be vigilant of what is going on in Washington. The newspapers and the media will never tell the citizens. It's like Nancy said, "Vote for it and we'll show you what's in it!"

    Now if that is not some one speaking like a true Marxist, I don't know what is!
    As long as obama is in office and all those democrats--I will do all I can to defy them. The American people will not allow a corrupt and Socialist machine to dictate their future. Just remember to be sure to vote them OUT of office in the next election.

  72. THRU MY EYES WROTE: “We the People” were totally ignored and ridiculed by Obama as he rammed this.."

    No. I don't think so. Half the country supported the reform. And now that it has passed, the newest polls taken since Sunday's passage show that more Americans favor it now that it has passed. The numbers of Americans who like this is increasing by the day. Harris, Gallup, and just today, USA Today reports this.

    So it may be true that you and a lot of your fellow conservatives aare angry over the new law, but it's looking like a MAJORITY of Americans disagree with you.

  73. BTW, Pam, this long rants seem to be written by the same person. They all sound alike.

  74. Here's my favorite comment on the thread.

    My Right View typed:

    3. Pis$ on Teddy Kennedy's grave when I get the chance.

    Eloquent. Heartfelt. Sincere.

    And it really gets to the heart of the debate in a constructive, conciliatory manner.

  75. Bankrupting the country weakens us.

    Like all those people who go bankrupt every year from medical bills, right?

    Bankrupting the country one heart attack, one stroke, one broken hip, one lung full of cancer at a time.

  76. While I don't think that anyone should go bankrupt over health issues, what if businesses don't get paid and then they are not able to pay their employees or themselves or pay their bills and then there is a huge domino effect where many people are affected and go bankrupt? Then a huge number of people would really be screwed.

    Yes, I do believe that we need to address the bankruptcy issue with regards to health care.

  77. if businesses don't get paid and then they are not able to pay their employees or themselves or pay their bills and then there is a huge domino effect where many people are affected and go bankrupt?

    What's this got to do with healthcare? My husband works for a construction company. If the bank sits on a loan too long, or if someone decides to get pissy and sit on a draw too long, everyone's pannies suddenly get real tight around the office. They deal with this kind of thing every day, and it has nothing to do with healthcare.

    By the way, it's a very small company. They have less than a $500K payroll, so the healthcare mandates aren't affecting them. The only danger they face in keeping the business afloat is the same danger every construction company has had to face in this recession. Thankfully, they only build pre-sales. And currently they have ten houses underway. I understand the pannie tightness issue isn't quite as pressing this week.


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