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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Joe Quacks Again

At a rally in Greeley, Colorado, Senator Biden referred to the 3rd Presidential debate when John McCain told Barack Obama that he wasn’t George Bush. Joe Biden said of McCain, “He doth protest too much.” Excuse me; McCain said it ONCE, Joe! Oh, wait, I forgot, Joe can’t count. Biden went on to tell a story about his younger years when he wanted to hang out with an unsavory bunch and his mother told him no, because you are the company you keep. He tried the old argument that he wouldn’t act like them. His mother said, “Joe, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck.” Biden told his crowd, “If it looks like George Bush and acts like George Bush, then it’s the same old George Bush economic policies.” Well, he's finally admitting it! If it looks like Bill Ayers and acts like Bill Ayers, then it’s the same anti-American beliefs. Let’s take it one step further, if it looks like Reverend Wright and acts like Reverend Wright, then it’s the same anti-white radical beliefs. How about ACORN… I think you get my point. Every time Joe opens his mouth he proves Obama isn’t worthy, or prepared, for the White House. Keep on quacking, Joe.

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  1. I have to write a little extra something about old Joe that I saw today on Drudge. I guess he was in Florida doing an interview this weekend, and the lady interviewing him didn't ask him the softball questions like "when was the last time you cried." This brave creature in Florida dares to ask Biden some really tough questions, probabaly the hardest ones he's had all year, and trust me, they weren't that hard. He just goes into a little tizzy, complaining about the questions. I guess the reporterette didn't get the memo that Joe the Senator gets no hard questions. After the interview which was so deserved, the Obama camp refused to go back on the network because of the "unfair treatment". Again, these two chuckleheads are allowed to dictate what can and will be asked in interviews or they will take their toys and go home. Let's send them home, folks, back to their mansions where the only life they can mess up is their own.


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