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Monday, October 20, 2008

Color is as Color does

When Colin Powell was our Secretary of State I had such respect for the retired General of our US Army. He was a commanding figure that understood the evil we faced abroad in the war on terror and supported President Bush and our endeavors in this war until his resignation in 2005. After hearing about his endorsement of Obama, I’m so disappointed in him. I’m convinced his endorsement of Obama is biased. They are both black. Yep. I said it. BLACK. I’ve said it before, I’m not politically correct. I’m just livid over Powell’s decision. Our economy is in trouble, yes; however, our national security is most important and a decorated war hero should know the dire straits of that. Obama isn’t qualified to protect our nation. Obama isn’t ready to lead a nation in its time of war. Powell knows this better than anyone. If the current situation were only about taxes and our economy, I could accept his decision. Powell knows McCain is more than competent to pilot and protect us during wartime. For Powell to say that the American people don’t have the right to know Obama’s religion or his relationship with the American terrorist, Bill Ayers, the black supremacist,Reverend Wright, and the deceitful group, ACORN, is like saying we don’t have the right to know what our spouse is doing. When a person is running for public office, especially President of the United States, he must prove he is of good moral character which means he should have associates of such value also. Guilt by association can’t be used in this situation. You are the company you keep. And if Obama is keeping company with black supremacists, domestic terrorists and fraudulent community organizers, well, you know what he is then.

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  1. unfortunately, the media has ignored his relationships and McCain refuses to run a Wright ad....


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