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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Liars, Thieves and Cheats…Oh My

What's up with these politicians that run on family values, blah, blah, then get caught in public restrooms trying to pick up other men; emailing sex messages to teenage boys; keeping 3 mistresses while married; putting prostitutes in jail while paying thousands of dollars for a whore for yourself...and the list goes on. Not that other men don't do the same sick, twisted, illegal actions. The difference is the average Joe isn't in the public eye spewing lies about his integrity using tax dollars. Then you have the wives of these disgusting pig politicians standing next to them while they read from their prewritten apology like they truly feel remorse. They’re only sorry they got caught. The apologies are as genuine as their integrity speeches that got them elected in the first place. What’s wrong with these women? They have to know how ridiculous they look standing next to their so-called husbands on national television. If it were me…I’d go in front of that camera and just as he began his hypocritical, prewritten apology, I’d kick him in his crotch and walk away.

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  1. This can be found in business and well as politics ... in fact...I believe they are inter connected. They are all graduates, with honors, from the School of Scoundrels. Although my thought is not in the sexual misconduct aspect of behavior it is still the same subject of liars and cheats and thieves...oh my. There is not such thing as an ethical corporation. Why? Because of the leadership .... think about who is doing the most damage today to the country while blaming the outcome of their greed on the person struggling to make it from week to week. Because this person has not learned to be a scoundrel they don't stand a chance. I could go on and I will in my own article that you have inspired. Thank you.


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