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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama IS for Change

Obama is for Change alright. He’s going to change Washington, the economy, taxes, the poor, the middle class, the disenfranchised, the constitution---change, change, change. Since he has a lot of changing to do, he’s already started. He said he’s going to raise taxes on those who earn $250k a year or more. Then just the other day he said he was going to raise taxes on those who earn $200k a year. What? I thought it was $250k. Then Bidden said they were raising taxes on those who earn $150k a year. So, which is it Senator Change? Are you raising taxes on those who earn $250k, $200k or $150k? I can answer that. If Obama gets elected he’s going to do whatever he and his Democratic buddies damn well please and he’s going to tell the American Idiots that voted for him, “Well, I told you I was for change.” It appears he changes with the wind. He even believes the righteous wind is at his back. The only thing righteous about him is his attitude, which, like his judgment, is misplaced.


  1. spot on..but we had better outnumber the liberal hordes at the polls eh!

  2. Obama said he could no more abandon Reverend Wright than he could his own (white) grandmother. But, when it became politically expedient to do so, he threw Wright under the bus. There was change for you. My question: Is Granny next?

    The root of the problem is the unconstitutional control they have of our socialized government-run school system. The federal government needs to stop funding anti-American indoctrination. Then we'll get some students who can think for themselves, and more people will see through the demagoguery.

  3. Now Gov. Richardson says it's $120,000.....that of course is after Obama reverses the Bush Tax Cuts, Raising taxes for those making about $40K a year. Now we just need to Vote!!

  4. You can bet it's going to be $40,000.. didn't Biden say Obama will be tested and will do things we won't be pleased with, but that we must stand by him. i will derive great pleasure, if God forbid he wins, of saying "I told you so" to those who voted for him.

    I will never be able to use the word "change" without some sense of ick.


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