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Monday, June 15, 2009

Letterman & Palin- Enough Already

I'm sure just about everyone has heard what washed-up David Letterman said last week about Sarah Palin and her daughter. If not, I’ll stoop to Letterman’s disgusting level and tell you; because it’s relevant to my story.

“One awkward moment though during the game. Maybe you heard about it. Maybe you saw it on one of the highlight reels. One awkward moment for Sarah Palin at the Yankee game. During the 7th inning, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez.”
**clap and laughter**
“You can see how that’d be awkward.”
**clap and laughter**
“Now cut that out!”
**clap and laughter**
“Get back in the dugout!”

Yes, that was the joke. If you want to call it a joke. I think it was a disgusting and vile thing to say. Sarah Palin and her 14 year old daughter, Willow, attended the Yankee game that night. There is definitely something wrong with the writers of that show AND Letterman. Not only did he read it, but he repeated it OUT LOUD to a LIVE audience that was being TAPED for millions of viewers. And then the audience! Why did they laugh? What is funny about a 14 year old girl and a 33 yr old baseball player having sex in the dugout? There should have been Boo’s coming from everyone in that audience. Or at least from EVERY parent! Where was the common decency in the crowd? Where were the morals?

Letterman also said this:

“The toughest part of her [Palin] visit was keeping Eliot Spitzer away from her daughter. That was the hard part.”

I can’t believe a 62 year old father would talk like that! I don’t care if he is a comedian! He’s a father and husband FIRST! How would he like it if Rush Limbaugh said something repulsive about his son? Well, this is someone’s child, someone’s daughter.

Governor Palin, being the respectable woman, wife and protective mother that she is, issued a well-mannered, but stern statement in reference to Letterman’s perverted comments.

“Concerning Letterman's comments about my young daughter (and I doubt he'd ever dare make such comments about anyone else's daughter): 'Laughter incited by sexually-perverted comments made by a 62-year-old male celebrity aimed at a 14-year-old girl is not only disgusting, but it reminds us some Hollywood/NY entertainers have a long way to go in understanding what the rest of America understands - that acceptance of inappropriate sexual comments about an underage girl, who could be anyone's daughter, contribute to the atrociously high rate of sexual exploitation of minors by older men who use and abuse others.’”

Todd Palin also had something to say to Letterman:

"Any 'jokes' about raping my 14-year-old are despicable. Alaskans know it and I believe the rest of the world knows it, too."

I suppose David Letterman felt some heat, and decided he HAD to say something, because he went on TV and said this:

WHAT! You’ve got to be kidding me. So, what it comes down to is...Oops, sorry Sarah, I wasn’t talking about A-Rod, the steroid king, having sex in the dugout with your 14 yr, you silly girl! I was talking about A-Rod doin’ your 18 yr old! Letterman thinks it’s okay because it was not about the 14 yr old it was really about the 18 yr old, Bristol, who had a child out of wedlock. Which, for the record, is what Letterman’s wife did. Yep, she got pregnant to him BEFORE they got married, which was 6 years later. Anyway, Letterman never said I’m sorry Governor Palin, I’m sorry Palin Family or even I’m sorry Teenage Girls. He NEVER said he was sorry PERIOD. He said he PROBABLY regrets saying the joke. PROBABLY? He doesn’t know if he regrets it? If I say something I know if I regret it or not! Imus sure KNEW he regretted what he said

Speaking of Sharpton. Where is he? Why hasn't he weighed in on this issue? He went all ballistic when Imus said “nappy headed hoes.” He also said, and I HEARD him, that he was for FAIR treatment of ALL people. Well, these comments affect WHITE teenage girls. Where is the outrage from Al's sharp tongue?

The double standards are horrifying. But we on the Right expect no less. This is no surprise. If these comments had been made about one of the Obama daughters, the MSM would’ve been ALL over it and Sharpton would be demanding heads on a platter. CBS would’ve been hounded and threatened day and night until Letterman and his writers were fired. Except this is a Conservative’s daughter, so it’s no big deal.

Letterman hasn’t been funny in years, in my opinion. And his attempt at humor with his Top 10 Highlights of Sarah Palin’s Trip to New York didn’t even get a smirk from me. And #2 was offending to Flight Attendants.

“Bought make-up at Bloomingdales to update her slutty flight attendant look.”

As I said in my Wanda Sykes post, I’m all for good, tasteful humor. I laughed at SNL’s stints about Palin. But Slutty Flight Attendants? Really? Every Flight Attendant I’ve ever seen has looked exceptionally professional. Letterman owes Flight Attendants an apology, too. Let's just hope it's a REAL apology. And not another, I probably regret saying it.

On the bright side, however, NOW, the National Organization for Women, did issue a response, after all, they're supposed to represent ALL women. While it’s not as harsh as I would’ve liked and they just HAD to add something Rush said over 15 yrs ago*, I’m glad they added Letterman to their Media of Shame.

I hope this is a lesson to BOTH sides. Sexism is something we have to stop. It goes hand in hand with hate speech. Women and children shouldn’t be exploited and they shouldn’t be the brunt of disgusting, vilifying jokes. I’m with NOW, who stated it hopes Conservatives and Liberals will join together in fighting sexism. I hope BOTH sides will join together and fight comedians, talk-show hosts, journalists and anyone else who defames women and children in the future. This isn’t political. It’s just the morally right thing to do.

*For the record, I didn’t listen to Rush during the Clinton Years; however, if NOW is correct and he did say something about young Chelsea Clinton, that’s despicable. If he didn’t apologize, he should have.


  1. Since Letterman's ratings are outpacing Conan's (even though I don't watch either one of them)I don't think he is actually "washed up" but that is trivial compared to what he said and then his lame apology - I am in the "other camp" where Palin is concerned but as a woman who was once a teen, a mother and a grandmother, I found this monologue in such poor taste. While I don't care much for Palin, I too believe Dave owes several people a sincere apology.

  2. pammy i like you have had enough of the gutless mocking from the left. their arrogant condescension betrays their bias, racism, and ignorance.

  3. Pamela - I've watched Letterman for a few years and like him. So when this happened I hated to read about it, but I think he was totally wrong to say what he did.
    He has said other things that I wondered about but this is by and far the worst.

    Although I wasn't watching him then, I heard that after 9/11 he stepped up and did some good things. So I'm sorry that he stooped so low now.

  4. Of course he was wrong. It is only fair to say he does not have a History of this kind of comedy. After being on TV for nearly 30 years, I think it is important to note that fact. He is not known as a "blue" comic, he is not a Dice Clay.
    I believe in "hands off" politicians children, unless, they inject themselves into the political discussion as McCain's daughter has, or the politicians themselves inject their children into the arena, as Palin has done with her unwed mother child.
    You rightly chastise both sides, but you forgot to mention that Palin came out on ABC and claimed that Letterman supported and endorsed child molestation because of his remarks. I find that to be a lie and another example of an unacceptable remark.

  5. Rush called the young Chelsea Clinton a 'dog.'

  6. No where in the ABC interview did she imply anything close to the effect that Letterman endorsed child molestation.

    So perhaps if the libs would denounce people properly instead of sticking up for them, then this would be over with.

    It is disappointing that people think that his type of humor is acceptable on television. I guarantee that he wouldn't make fun of them if Todd were standing next to him, either.

    Perhaps there needs to be a little more accountability for one's actions from adults these days. This is demonstrative immaturity (Letterman's insults) at it's worst.

  7. Letterman apologized sincerely to Bristol, Willow, the Governor and the rest of the family - and to anyone else that was offended.

  8. His second apology now.

    Will Palin be adult enough and accept his apology, or just accuse him of supporting child molestation again?

  9. I personally never thought David Letterman was funny. Is that his job title, comedian? I agree with everything you said and I am quite positive if he had made such a statement about Obama's daughter, the MSM would have pitched a hissy.

  10. Rocky: I could’ve used numerous adjectives to describe Letterman. I decided to use washed-up, because after these comments, in my opinion, I think he’s going to lose a lot of viewers. Anyway, I knew you’d weigh in on this as being out of line. Regardless of political affiliation, you are fair when it comes to demeaning women.

    Pat: Thank you. I like that you are in my corner!

    I read Letterman’s “apology.” It’s SO false. He said he didn’t know Sarah Palin was there with her daughter. But when he addressed the issue on TV, he said he thought he was “joking” about the 18 yr old. So, which is it? He would’ve been much better off just saying he was sorry, period. It appears at 62 yrs old he hasn’t learned much. There is nothing wrong with making a mistake and saying “I’m sorry.”

    Sue: I don’t think this makes Letterman a bad person. I also don’t think he’s a pervert. I just think he doesn’t like Sarah Palin. This is fine; make jokes about her, not her children.

    NOW mentioned the Rush Limbaugh incident with young Chelsea, which I mentioned at the end of my post. I wasn’t listening to Rush at that time, so I don’t know if he did that or not. If he did, then, as I posted, it was WRONG and he should’ve formally apologized. Children should be off limits.

    Time: Palin used her statement to slam Letterman, like he slammed her and her family. As a mother, I would’ve done the same thing. In this particular case a “Mr. Letterman stop harassing my family” just wouldn’t do it. I say Kudos to Mrs. Palin for making a stand and slamming Letterman. What can he say now? Except, I’m sorry, which he hasn’t done, exactly. He’s using all kinds of excuses instead of manning up.

    Blue: I agree, there needs to be some accountability and decency, even for comics. Letterman has been picking on Palin ever since she stepped on the National stage, and he hasn’t quit, even though she went back to Alaska and her own life. Now, he’s attacking her teenage daughter. He needed a good slam and I’m glad Sarah gave him one in her statement.

    Sue and Time: Letterman’s 2nd apology was phony. He stated he didn’t know Palin was with her daughter. That’s a lie. Because previously on TV(watch the video) he said he thought it was the 18 yr old daughter not the 14 yr old daughter. So, which is it? Letterman needs to act like a 62 yr old adult, be accountable for his actions and just say I’m sorry. That’s the adult and moral thing to do. Stop with the excuses already.

    Prism: Exactly. So far no one has made any comments about the Obama girls, which is the way it’s supposed to be. Too bad Palin hasn’t been given that kind of respect.

  11. It's funny, lately there have been several posts on various blogs that, on the surface, look totally unrelated. But, I'm realizing that they have a common thread; freedom of speech issues.
    We could say, "hey, Letterman, Limbaugh, etc can say anything they want. Organizations can spew as much hate as they want."
    I will probably be repeating this ad nauseum for the remainder of my life - while we Americans are endowed with that right to freedom of speech, there is also a responsibility for the words we say.

  12. I have no problem with you or Palin or everyone slamming Letterman.

    I find it disappointing that you approve of Palin saying that Lettermen is a child molester and supports child molesting (that was the accusation from Palin-ABC)because he made an out of line, vulgar joke.

  13. “Concerning Letterman's comments about my young daughter (and I doubt he'd ever dare make such comments about anyone else's daughter): 'Laughter incited by sexually-perverted comments made by a 62-year-old male celebrity aimed at a 14-year-old girl is not only disgusting, but it reminds us some Hollywood/NY entertainers have a long way to go in understanding what the rest of America understands - that acceptance of inappropriate sexual comments about an underage girl, who could be anyone's daughter, contribute to the atrociously high rate of sexual exploitation of minors by older men who use and abuse others.’”

    Time: The above is Palin’s statement. Where does it say Letterman is a child molester or that Letterman supports child molestation? It says “sexual exploitation.” Exploitation is the proper word, because according to Letterman’s joke it was about an older man (33 yrs old) having sex with a teenage girl (18 is still a teenager), and that is abuse or mistreatment of a teenager. Also, there was the Eliot Spitzer comment which could be misconstrued as prostitution. So, again, sexual exploitation by an older man with a teenage girl.

    Rocky: One of our most important freedoms is the freedom of speech. But you are right, we do have to perform it responsibly. I certainly don’t want someone monitoring all these comedians every night to make sure they are PC. I would just like people to monitor themselves and be decent.

  14. That is not the comment by her I'm refering to-check ABC's interview with her from Tuesday-she accused dave of supporting and promoting child molesting.

  15. Pamela, you took the words right out of my mouth, literally. I haven't posted on this but I've commented on a few blogs and said the same thing. He gave an "official" apology that probably had more to do with the network pressuring him than genuine remorse, but hey we'll take what we can get. I was watching Larry the cable guy the other night, and although I don't usually watch him, he was on the TV and there was nothing else on. He made fun of Tourettes, you can bet your butt that I will never watch him again. There are some things that are just not funny and that is one of them. I agree with Rocky that with freedom of speech also comes responsibility. What's next aids? cancer?

  16. Time...do you mind providing a link because I have been searching and cannot find anything of the sort.

  17. Sorry I added to the confusion.

    I was reading a report from ABC about an interview Palin gave to Matt Lauer on NBC.

    The interview was live on the Today show, and you can view it at NBC's web site.

    All Tv, radio, and web sites I have seen also have reported these comments by Palin.

    Palin had said that it would not be good for her daughter to be near Letterman after what he said.

    Palin said that in defense of that statement "It can be interpreted in many ways."

    "Take it however you want to take it.”

    "I connect the dots to a degrading statement made about young women and that does contribute to acceptance of abuse of young women."

    Palin went on to say that Letterman's joke,

    “Contributes to the atrociously high rate of sexual exploitation of minors by older men who use and abuse others.'"

    “No wonder young girls especially have such low self esteem in America when we think it's funny for a so-called comedian to get away with being able to make such a remark as he did and to think that that's acceptable,"

    I find these statements to be Palin accusing Letterman of promoting sexual abuse, inciting sexual abuse in America, and (if her daughter is not safe around Letterman) inferring that Letterman himself is a sexual abuser.

    I find that out of line no matter how gross Letterman's joke was.

    As I said before, Letterman has been on air for 30 years and never made a joke like that before, all his shows are on tape and can be checked, and probably are being checked.

    There is a web site called:


    I'm sure they are checking the history of his jokes.

    I don't see how one could not understand these comments by Palin as anything but accusing Letterman to be in support of sexual molestation, which I believe to be untrue.

    I see these comments by Palin about Letterman to be out of line, just as Letterman's joke was.

  18. On this issue, I couldn't agree more. I raised two teenage girls as a single dad and would absolutely take offense at what Letterman said. I do not want my daughters to be the objects of gender stereotypical, sexist language that disparages women.

    My oldest daughter is a graduate of Rutgers University, the same school whose girls' basketball team was slimed by Don Imus. In all fairness, Letterman deserves what Imus got.

    Even at my group blog, the male writers were recently taken to task by the women writers for gender stereotyping ... and rightfully so.

    My only criticism of this story is that I am getting tired of tabloid style name-calling and the tendency of media to exploit this garbage ad nauseum. On this point, I say: ENOUGH!"

  19. Jennifer: There is a fine line between comedy and cruelty and good comedians know not to cross that line. I’ve heard Larry the Cable Guy on occasion; however, I never heard that routine. I’m glad I didn’t, it would’ve upset me,too. I think health issues are a tough call in the comedy world and they should probably be avoided. But that’s just me.

    Time: I don’t regard Letterman as a child molester nor do I think he’s advocating child molestation and I didn’t imply that in my post. In response to your question as to whether I deem her comments to Matt Lauer severe. No, I do not think Palin went a bit over board. In my opinion, she needed to be stern and aggressive, because Letterman wasn’t taking this issue seriously. He said the jokes and got laughs; Palin issued a statement; Letterman re-read the jokes on TV and got more laughs; he then gave his lame apology where he “probably regrets” the jokes. So, the jokes were told on TV TWICE. And one of those times was AFTER Palin’s serious statement about exploiting teenage girls. I think Palin wanted to ram her point home so she hit Letterman hard. Do I blame her? Absolutely not. Letterman needed to learn a lesson, because obviously he wasn’t getting it. I also don’t believe he had any intention of apologizing until after the NBC interview. I think that was when Letterman and CBS realized how serious this was and it was in their best interest if he gave a serious apology.

    Octo: I am honored to be of your acquaintance. A man who loves and raises his children is someone I hold in high esteem. I just wanted you to know that.

    Every once in awhile it’s good that women take men to task over stereo-typing, among other things (lol). In all fairness though, it goes both ways. I tried really hard not to stereotype in my post. I used the term “washed-up” on purpose. I didn’t want this to be about a “dirty old man,” etc., because I don’t consider Letterman that. I believe this was an error in judgment and now that he apologized and Governor Palin accepted, I think it should be over. On the other hand, just as you said, Imus was fired over something very similar. So, to be fair should Letterman be fired? Or should we follow Governor Palin and let it drop? As I said earlier on in the comments, I don’t want someone monitoring comedians. I just want people to monitor themselves. Is that possible? Can we rely on people to be responsible and decent?

  20. Pam,

    I'll agree with your view of this incident, like I said I totally agree that Letterman was a jerk, and I'll give Palin her right to be PO'd and with latitude.

    But, I don't think Letterman should lose his job over this. Given all the incorrect speech that has been coming from to many people lately we would have to fire a TV or Radio host every week.

    Letterman is no Sykes, who does nasty jokes all the time.

    If we determine that Letterman's joke is enough to fire a TV personality, then Rush and Bill O. would have to be fired for their constant hate speech.

    Maybe we should fire a lot of these people to curb all this hate speech, but then you don't seem to think a lot of what has been said (on the right) in the last month is hate speech, I do.

  21. I don't know if Letterman should be fired. I don't watch him so I don't really care.
    But I think his joke and his "apology" were arrogant,tasteless and insincere.
    He really needs to man up and give Palin and her daughters a real apology. Surely, in all the vast universe, he and his writers could have found something else to poke fun at. He really stepped far over the line with this one.

  22. I've been saying this for 6 months that it wouldn't be long before the liberals turned on Obama and Wished Bush was back, the tough assed no shit cowboy who let the world know who's the boss on this planet.

    Here is what that dumb ass said.. "President Obama isn't nearly liberal enough for HBO's Bill Maher. On Tuesday’s Situation Room on CNN, Maher repeated the focus of his rant on his show last Friday night about how Obama hasn't been adequately aggressive. When Wolf Blitzer asked what he was most disappointed about with President Obama, the HBO host went into full denial mode: “Barack Obama is not a socialist -- he’s not even a liberal....this country needs a left wing. It doesn’t have it, and part of the reason is the media.”

    As much as I can't stand Bill Maher, he is the first liberal to say it out loud. last Friday..
    Maher has done more to hurt this great country with his "progressive" policies than any previous POTUS in HISTORY! Bill's show on HBO is loaded with Lib guests and every seat in his audience is filled by F'ing Libtards! And who more than Maher epitomizes the "angry old white guy"? I canceled HBO with my cable company and sent HBO an email and told them why. I suggest everyone else do the same. I know some will say to just change the channel but how else can you demonstrate ones' displeasure with its programming? I don't miss it at all.

  23. The statistic policies of the Obama administration will sink this country if not checked. This country was founded on the principles of limited government and freedom which are being threatened by Obama..

  24. Time: I don’t think Letterman should lose his job either. This wasn’t Letterman’s MO, so I think he should be forgiven and we should move on.

    You seem to want me to admit that Rush spews hate. To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t listen to Rush. Rush’s show is on, here in Pittsburgh, from 12-3pm, I listen to Dr. Laura from 12-2pm Mon, Wed & Fri, the days I work. The days I’m off, I don’t listen to anything, because I enjoy quiet time due to the fact I get so little of it. However, if you have some links where Rush has spewed what you consider hate, send them to me and I’ll give you a truthful evaluation.

    Rocky: Letterman did issue an apology. Although I believe it could have been more genuine, Palin has accepted it. I think we need to accept it and move on, too. I saw where there were protestors outside CBS demanding Letterman’s job. They were carrying signs and chanting, calling him every name in the book. I don’t consider him the names they were calling him. This was truly bad judgment on his part and I don’t think he’s going to do it again. I’m thinking he learned his lesson. Let’s hope Letterman will be the example for every other person out there that wants to use a woman or child for their agenda and they’ll stop and think before they do. Maybe this will help sexism and exploitation of women and children in the future from people in power. If not, then you, me and other bloggers will just keep the word going. I know you’re on my side with this, Rocky, as well as Octo and others that visit here.

    Sarah G: It’s good to see you again! How have you been?

    I’m not sure this has caused the Left to jump ship. I think it will take more than a comedian’s faux pas for them to turn their back on Obama. Even with some of the broken campaign promises, the Left still believes Obama can deliver.

    I do agree with you on cancelling HBO. There is nothing like hitting a company in the pocket book when you’re dissatisfied. It may not faze them at first, but if enough customers do it, they may get the hint. As I was telling Rocky above, there are protestors outside CBS. They are also boycotting some of CBS’s advertisers. Who knows how far this will go. If the advertisers are affected, Letterman might get canned.

    I agree that a person should be honest about their agenda. So, if Bill Maher said he thinks Obama isn’t left enough and wants him to be more left, then at least he’s honest, even though his ideas don’t mirror mine.

    Cutie Pie: Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your input, but it has nothing to do with the topic at hand, which at this point is David Letterman and Sarah Palin and the tasteless jokes Letterman said on TV. Do you have something to add to that subject?

  25. Pam - we bloggers need to start calling ALL the lousy players on their toxic vitriol and say ENOUGH! Just this past week, Rusty Depass, a political hack from SC, posted a digusting comment about Michelle Obama and an escaped gorilla, "calling a gorilla that escaped from the Riverbanks Zoo Friday an "ancestor" of First Lady Michelle Obama."
    We need to stop using these tasteless comments as political fodder and address them for what they are; the utterings of mean spirited men and women who are not a part of the American move into the 21st century.
    We need to keep addressing issues and fostering intelligent debate. These distractions take up much too much precious time.

  26. Pam,

    Rush has been on the air for many years, and despite what lies pitbull said about me in your Sykes post, I have listened to Rush for many years.

    In all those years Rush has ALWAYS used harsh words to define people, like calling Chelsea Clinton a dog, or Sotomayor a racist. You can Google to get the 100's of other nasty words Rush has used to define people.

    That is Rush's MO, calling people names, and spewing hate against people.

    "You seem to want me to admit that Rush spews hate. To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t listen to Rush."

    I got the impression that you don't believe Rush spews hate speech (which I believe he does) because of your comment to the commentator "Betmo" on your Sykes post thread, when you said:

    "Betmo: I’ve listened to Limbaugh and Hannity and I don’t hear hate."

    I have to add that in Plains accepting Letterman's apology she invoked our armed forces. I found that comment purely political.

    If she is going to use this incident to prop up her political status, then I'll have to give her less latitude than I originally had.

    I'll repeat what I said before, politician's children are off limits unless the politician injects their children into the arena to bolster their standing with voters, like trying to present family friendly, family values to gain voters.

    Palins pregnant unwed daughter was at all her rallies and speeches (with the father) getting plenty of TV exposure. That was a strategic decision by Plain to effect the voters.

    So wen the two kids broke up, of course it was fair for the MSM to cover and expose it.

    Then there is the issue of Republicans declaring themselves superior to Democrats on family value issues, which leaves them open to criticism when things like adultery, homosexuality, or unwed pregnancies occur.

    Letterman is being hammered now and rightly so, but it's fair game to point out when politicians go against their stated principles.

  27. sue said...
    "Rush called the young Chelsea Clinton a 'dog.'"

    Well at least he wasn't lying!

  28. sue said...

    " Letterman apologized sincerely to Bristol, Willow, the Governor and the rest of the family - and to anyone else that was offended."

    Oh so that makes it alright?
    At the risk of losing his job he apologized?

    Screw him and the Camel he rode in on.

  29. Speaqk for yourself Eric.

    Sorry folks. Once again I had an incredibly funny, yet mildly pornographic response to Eric's ridiculous opinion of the attractiveness of Chelsea Clinton. Only to have to self censor it out of respect and fear of the wrath of Pamela D. Hart.

    Of all the women in the world, why is it you that makes me cower Ms. Hart?

  30. Hayy Fathers Day to Y'all.
    By the way, in case y'all are wondering what's Obama doing for Father's day?
    Here the menu..
    BBQ Ribs
    Steak and potatoes
    Fried chicken
    Hamburgers and fries
    Tuna casserole
    Spaghetti and meatballs
    Chicken Wings
    Beans and Cornbread

    Where was Obama last Father’s Day? He had locked up the Democratic nomination. He went to church to deliver a speech about the responsibility and fatherhood. Controversy ensued, with
    And that's when Jesse Jackson was heard saying that Obama was "talking down to black people," and professing a desire to "cut his balls off"

  31. And you notice we didn't nominate Jesse Jackson either Queen.

    I give kudos for your veiled racism though Sister. When you are called out for it you can say, "Who. Me?"

  32. Rocky: I’m not familiar with this Depass. But THAT comment was repulsive. And you’re right, we need to call anyone out that makes comments like that, regardless of political affiliation.

    Time: Yes, I told Betmo I have listened to Rush and Hannity, and I have. I don’t listen to them on a daily basis. The times I have listened to them, I didn’t hear hate. I heard what I considered opinions. And like I said, opinion and hate speech have a fine line between them. People have to be very careful. I’m not a hate-filled person. I’m a very loving, happy person, so if I hear hate speech, I think I would know it. Also, if Rush were spewing hate, don’t you think someone like Al Sharpton would be all over it? And the White House has someone that monitors the radio talk show circuit. Move-on, Soros’s group, has people that monitor Rush, too. There are people out there that would just LOVE to bring Rush down. If they could find a reason, they would and that person or group would go down in history as the one that defeated Rush Limbaugh.

    Yes, Bristol, and Palin’s other children were at the rallies and so was Megan McCain. I’m pretty sure Obama had his kids at some of his rallies, too. It’s what politicians do for publicity. It looks good. But that still doesn’t give anyone the right to bash the kids. I realize Bristol had a kid out of wedlock and that goes against everything Palin stands for. As a parent myself, I can teach my boys as many values as I’m capable of and only hope they follow them. I’m not going to disown or stop loving my kids if they screw up. I may not agree with what they do, but I’ll always love them. There’s a difference between forgiveness and acceptance. As far as Bristol and Levi’s break up, yes, the media had a right to report the news. But the MSM didn’t just report it; they acted like it was a reality show. True journalism is dead.

    Instead of looking at Republicans as the party of superiority over values, how about looking at Democrats as the party that NEEDS some values. When they lie, cheat, steal or commit adultery it’s not considered a big deal and is dismissed. I don’t want anyone lecturing me on values either; however, anyone in our Congressional offices should possess good moral character. They are representing the American people and must be held to a higher set of standards. When they commit a transgression, they ought to be tossed out on their butts, whether they ran on values or not. We need to hold everyone of them accountable to high standards and EXPECT them to take the high moral ground. Instead we have officials groveling in the mud for their own personal gain. I’m sick of it and annoyed at hearing about the few Republicans who have committed adultery so now ALL Republicans are morally corrupt. We had a Democratic President that defiled the Presidency because he couldn’t keep it in his pants then he perjured himself. To me, one can’t get much lower. I am disgusted, Time, with people bunching ALL Republicans together because of these few pig Republicans who wallowed in the mud and forgot their morals, if they even had any in the first place. How would Democrats like it if we lumped them all together because of Clinton, Geithner, Dashle and Rangel and called ALL Democrats liars and tax cheats? A few bad apples doesn’t mean you toss out the entire bushel.

  33. Eric: In all fairness to Chelsea Clinton, she did grow up to be a nice looking young woman.

    Anonymous: I agree that Letterman’s apology wasn’t very sincere and he did it only after Palin’s NBC interview when he was feeling a lot of heat. However, Palin accepted it, so I think we need to follow her lead and be the bigger people here and let this go. No one is perfect and we need to keep in mind that there will probably be times in the future when someone on the Right will make a mistake and we’ll want him/her to be forgiven.

    Of all the women in the world, why is it you that makes me cower Ms. Hart?

    Truth: That’s funny. I haven’t even shown my witchy side, either! I appreciate your self-censorship.

    Queenie: Congratulations. You are the most simple-minded commenter I have EVER had on my blog. Exactly what did you hope to accomplish by such an uncouth response that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the post at hand? It wasn’t clever; and it certainly wasn’t funny. What is wrong with Obama making a speech about black men being more responsible to their offspring? This is a problem in the black community. And if nothing else, Obama is involved with rearing his children. Jesse Jackson has a lot of nerve saying anything to anyone-considering his list of transgressions!

  34. Pam,

    The MSN, the White house and others you mentioned have been all over Rush for his speech, they describe as hate. I happen to agree with their description.

    The question the MSN was asking 3 weeks ago was, should the President get into a toe to toe with Rush? The President was making it clear that he thought Rush's speech was hate speech. Just because they couldn't "bring him down" doesn't mean his speech was not hate filled.

    Anytime a Supreme Court nominee is called racist, I call that hate speech. So we will just agree to disagree.

    The Republicans have for 100 years run on the stated idea that they are superior in family values and morals compared to the Democrats.

    I don't look at Republicans as superior in morals, they claim they ARE superior in morals, and try to make Americans believe they are. An egotistical position if I have ever heard one.

    I agree toss all the bums out!

    Since I agree with you and find all politicians guilty of these kind of transgressions, I see no reason why Republicans cannot take a bigger hit when those kind of things happen to them.

    Hypocrisy is an added mistake when Republicans get caught in personal mistakes.

    I would not have worded my post that way if it were only a few Republicans, there are many and over a long period of time.

    When it happens to a Democrat, the Republicans spare no words (they impeached Clinton) to attack them, why should it be any different when it happens to a Republican?

    Ensign called for Clinton to resign we Clinton had an affair, why isn't Ensign resigning? Is that not hypocrisy?

    Why do I earn your disgust just because I point out the FACT that these guys are hypocrites, liars, and immoral bums? I do the same when Democrats do it.

    I blast Michael Moore when he spews his hate speech. I blasted Clinton when he was caught in his lies.

    You could have written a post blasting the idiot talk show host who compared Mrs. Obama to a gorilla (not only nasty but with racial overtones) instead you wrote about Letterman. Nothing wrong with that, there are plenty of dirt bags who spew their garbage in public, that deserve the spotlight to hopefully embarrass them.

    I could have written about Letterman, instead I wrote about Ensign. Mainly because Ensign is a Senator of the United States, Letterman is a dumb comic. People don't listen to Letterman for political guidance, advice, or commentary, but that's exactly why people listen to Rush, or Hannity.

    I have to question when you say you don't hear hate from Rush, not because I'm trying to be partisan, but because 85% of Americans say they also claim to hear hate when Rush speaks.

    And Rush is just an example. he is certainly not the only one spewing hate, who has a large audience.

  35. Erics Eyes - Your remark about Chelsea Clinton's looks only serve to make you look bad.

    Looks are God given (except for makeup, face lifts, etc.) and anyone who insults a person solely on their looks is not very bright.

  36. sue said...
    "Letterman apologized sincerely to Bristol, Willow, the Governor and the rest of the family - and to anyone else that was offended."

    "apologized sincerely "
    Are you for real?

    Do you really think that was SINCERE? Or was he just saving his perverted ass from being fired!

  37. sue said...
    "Erics Eyes - Your remark about Chelsea Clinton's looks only serve to make you look bad.
    Looks are God given (except for makeup, face lifts, etc.) and anyone who insults a person solely on their looks is not very bright."

    Looking like a DOG is not necessarily bad.. If you think it is don't tell that to Lassie!

    Here is MY favorite photo of Chelsea Clinton

  38. Sue, Yes, David apologized, but
    was this rather gentlemanly and sincere apology enough? I think not..
    I guess thats ok in the liberal world. I hope they fire him like Imus got fired. Imus apologized the next day and was sincere. Letterman is trying to save his a$$ and thats why after a week of stewing he finally apologized. He insulted a lot of people on tv, not radio and it was scripted! So if you take sides with Letterman, you must support the rape of women at any age! Letterman knew he was referring to 14 yo willow anyways as they scripted it before it was said. Imus's comment was off the cuff and NOT scripted! I hope Letterman gets fired as he to this day is NOT sincere as all he wants to do is keep his low ratings program....... I can just imagine if it was targeted towards Michelle and her kids! You liberals would have pushed it to the gates of He!! and you know it.

    please tell me that you are putting us on... because no one can really be that idiotic, and feeble-minded even on the internet

  39. Time: I went back and read what Rush said about Sotomayor. He and Newt Gingrich said they thought she was a reverse racist because of the statement she made. Now I want to make it very clear that I didn’t jump on the “don’t nominate Sotomayor bandwagon.” I said she should be given a fair chance. However, when I read her speech, it did give me pause. If she used Latino Woman once, she must’ve used it 20 times. As a blue-eyed, blonde with very pale skin, I don’t feel like I would get a fair trial if she were the judge. I believe she would have more empathy for Latino’s and women of color than pale me. Why does Sotomayor have to refer to herself as a Latino Woman and a woman of color rather than just a woman? I’d rather not hear that she’s proud of her heritage, either. I think that excuse has been used way too much. She grew up in America and should be proud to be an American Woman. Also why is Rush and Gingrich’s comment hatred when it was their opinion due to what she said? Can I consider her speech hatred because she referred to women of color and Latino’s and I’m neither? Are her comments racist to blue-eyed blondes with pale white skin? (I'm trying to make a point here)

    You say 85% hear hate from Rush. Who did they poll for that?

    proving once again that the party of family values, has none.

    (From your post)

    You are labeling ALL Republicans as immoral because of the ones that aren’t. I am a Republican, so is 95% of my family, and I can tell you, we HAVE morals. I take offense to being pigeon holed with the Republicans that have debased the party.

    I don’t look at Republicans as superior, either. Both parties are equal, just as all men are equal. Republicans say they are “supposed” to be the party of family values. I think that’s just plain dumb. I believe ALL people should support ALL values. I agree, however, that one should not run on values if one doesn’t have any. That IS hypocrisy. You’re right, it’s deception at its worst when one gets caught being immoral when one ran a campaign on ethics.

    I never said not to chastise a Republican for a transgression. I get upset when we are all considered immoral because some have fallen from grace. Ensign definitely needs to resign. Have no doubt that I believe ANYONE who does something that disgusting has no right to public office.

    I didn’t mean YOU disgust me. I’m sorry if you misunderstood me. I meant I was upset with being placed in the same category with the rat Republicans who are now giving us good ones a bad name.

    I don’t know about any talk show host calling Mrs. Obama a gorilla. I heard for the 1st time, in this comment section, that some GOP activist, Depass, said some demeaning comment about Mrs. Obama and a gorilla. Is that the one you’re referring to or is there another? Gosh, I hope there isn’t another. One is more than enough. That one NEVER should’ve happened.

  40. Pam,

    Before I get started let me tell you there is another "comic roast dinner" for Washington D.C. journalists Saturday night. It should be on CSPAN, and if it is, I plan on watching it.

    Thanks for the clarification, yes I did misunderstand. I thought you were disgusted with me for my Ensign post.

    I was probably overstating and generalizing when I used the term "has none" but I disagree with your perception that there are only a few. There are WAY to many and 8 I can think of in just the last 3 years.

    I make a difference, I hold to higher judgment elected officials words and acts, as compared to political commentators, talk show hosts, or comedians.

    These elected representatives act on our (my) behalf, legally. They speak for us (me), legally. They have a responsibility to act on our (my) behalf, with morality.

    These others are just the garbage speech allowed (thank God) in a free speech democracy. Yet, we have a responsibility as citizens to call it what it is, bad, harmful speech.

    Next, the Michelle Obama/gorilla comment was made by Rusty DePass, a former South Carolina (revealing) Election Commission Chairman.

    He said it on his face book page, and if you Google "Michelle Obama gorilla" you will get 3 million references to the incident along with a link to his face book page and interviews he did on CNN and FOX.

    In short he compared Mrs. Obama to an escaped 800lb circus gorilla. The dirt bag!

    Next, Rush's newest comment on Sotomayor is, that she is a cleaning maid, you know, like the rest of Latino women. You can Google that also.

    To your reply:

    Speech and acts incite people. Good speech and acts motivate people to do good, bad speech and acts motivate people to do bad.

    I don't understand how Republicans expect to win back America's vote with all this bad speech.

    I don't understand why Republicans do not denounce this kid of speech instead of supporting it, or keeping silent about it.

    "I never said not to chastise a Republican for a transgression."

    Great, I hope to hear more of your indignation about them when the incidents (Ensign) happen.

    "Republicans say they are “supposed” to be the party of family values. I think that’s just plain dumb."

    I agree, but they have been saying that for decades and I speak out against them for saying it, for the reason you just stated.

    "Ensign definitely needs to resign."

    I agree, but I don't hear anyone on the Republican side (legislator or not) calling for him to resign.

  41. Pam,
    (continued because I'm a blow hard and exceeded the letter restriction)

    This is why I support President Obama's silence on the events in Iran. The last thing we need is the loud voice of America perceiving to be inciting the Iranian people with our (his) words.

    It must be clear to the World that this is the Iranian people speaking out against their government, not motivated by whatever President Obama says.

    It is true that both Newt and Rush gave explanations for calling Sotomayor a racist, BUT it was racist they cried first, to get attention and incite their base.

    Later they explained themselves, after they had caused such a media hype. That was their intent, national attention.

    I despise their tactics. Inciting people through hate speech.

    Have they no better intellect to get their point across? Of course they do. I don't consider either one of them dummies.

    The 85% number came from a WSJ poll.

    Certainly there are those on the left that do the same thing.

    Keith Olbermann is the worst! He literally says on air "F" you Republicans. He has nasty nicknames for every Republican. I listen to him also.

    I predict that Sotomayor will disappoint liberals as Sutter disappointed Conservatives.

    When I first saw her comments I too was concerned. I was even more upset when I found out that she had made that same comment multiple times in speeches going back for years.

    After reading many of her legal decisions, she is a judge that follows the law. Sometimes the law takes us where we do not want to go.

    I have my reservations about her personal beliefs, but decades of her judicial decisions show a good, well reasoned judge.

    I do not see any worry that she will have more empathy, or slant for some people over other people.

    I believe she is more than a moderate, in her judicial decision.

    She actually leans right in her judicial decisions and the reason I think she will disappoint President Obama and liberals.

    I certainly understand those who will vote against her, but the Senate has already confirmed her once (for her present position) and they knew about these comments of hers, then.

    By the way, Bluepitbull threatened me with physical violence the other day. A crime, ya, nice guy, but we have a right wing, angry man threatening violence, would you worry?

  42. Time said: "
    By the way, Bluepitbull threatened me with physical violence the other day. A crime, ya, nice guy, but we have a right wing, angry man threatening violence, would you worry?"
    Well then get up on your own two feet and answer him. Why complain about it here?

  43. Pam,

    I was wrong, the journalist dinner is NOT Saturday, it is TONIGHT, if fact in just a couple of hours.


    I did answer him. I have no worry I can take him physically.

    I mention it here because here is where I first met him (2 months ago) and here is where he first attacked me (I was a stranger to him) without any History between us. Why does he come after a perfect stranger?

    Is that all you came on to say after such a nice serious post by Pam?

  44. You could take me? Please. If you guys would quit coming to my site and saying stupid things you wouldn't rile me up. There is a point where everyone has had enough. Time, you just found it. Stop calling me names and lying about everything.

    Between you, GHB, Truth and Shaw, you all started it. Don't push or I will push back.

  45. "If you guys would quit coming to my site"

    You won't post my comments, so it does not only not apply, it is another lie about me, by you.

    "you all started it"

    I never knew you before you blasted one of my comments on this site. Another lie about me, by you.

    I don't visit Shaw's site, and explained to her why I won't go to her site.

    Group us if you want, but it's another lie about me, by you.

    Truly, you have no clue what you are talking about.

  46. It's really simple, time, and then I don't want to talk to you anymore:

    You may believe that I'm trying to censor you, but what you said didn't make any sense.

    I am not going to talk about it anymore and understand that no matter that the lie lie lie treatment will further exacerbate this.

  47. Oh gosh it's good to be back in the School Yard again.

  48. What did I do that ticked you off Blue dog? Other than expose some of your deluded right wing views and make sport of your hiding behind comment moderation I mean. I especially enjoyed the post you devoted to me which you quickly deleted after I posted a comment I never saw because you deleted the whole post.

    You and Time do need to relax a bit though Brothers. A good argument can be fun for everyone. Let's keep it jovial. If you want to threaten to kick someones "rear end" (I guess that wording is acceptable Pamela) threaten to kick Bin Laden or Ahmadinijads.

  49. "It's really simple, time, and then I don't want to talk to you anymore"

    If it's so simple, then why did you threaten to physically hurt me?

    If it's so simple, then why didn't you comment on Pam's post instead of continuing to come after me?

    If it's so simple, then why, after I wrote a serious reply to Jame's post, did you start right in calling me names? Why didn't you just comment on the post James wrote?

    Obviously, there is nothing simple about it, it's your twisted, angry mind that I have to deal with, not to mention your physical threats against me.

    You lied about me on your blog, then refused to post my comment that proved your were lying.

    That's not censorship?

    OK, then it's a coward, who hasn't the guts to stand behind his own words.

    A bully who threatens people with physical violence, lies about them, then runs away.

    At least a decent bully would stand and fight.

    As the victim of your attacks, I'm not running away.

  50. In this case there will never be enough, the American people must let him and CBS know how they fel about this louse.

  51. I think it's well past time that this Old Fool retires. We do not need a bigoted leftist Moron on our airwaves.

  52. TRUTH 101 said...
    "What did I do that ticked you off Blue dog?"
    And they have the nerve to call Conservatives name callers!!!!!

  53. The Wordsmith has yet to offer an original thought. I was hoping he would come back from his hiatus with something interesting. I'm dissappointed but not surprised Wordy Dude.

  54. No it's not enough already.
    It wasn't enough already after Don Imus got on his knees when he personally went to Sharpton office to apologize was it?

  55. TRUTH 101 said...
    "The Wordsmith has yet to offer an original thought. I was hoping he would come back from his hiatus with something interesting. I'm dissappointed but not surprised Wordy Dude."

    And what have YOU said that makes any sense ?
    Nothing but BS and attacking good people like Pitbull. Why don't you fade away like the fart in the wind you are!

    And by the way ask Shaw how to spell disappointed maybe she knows it's not like YOU spell it "dissappointed" only has ONE "s"

  56. Jeff: I think the people did let Letterman know how they felt and that’s why he apologized. While it wasn’t as sincere as we would’ve liked, Palin, being the stand-up Gal that she is, accepted. I think maybe we should follow her lead.

    Wordsmith: I think Letterman needs to retire, too. Nevertheless, with all his other business interests, he won’t hurt for money.

    Walking: I respect your opinion and I DO understand your point, however, I’ll have to politely disagree. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Do we really want to act the way Sharpton and his cronies did with the Imus ordeal? Aren’t we above that?

  57. First of all, it was Bristol Palin who decided to put herself out there publically by becoming an "abstinence only" advocate. That being the case, she is fair game for being made fun of.

    Which is what the Letterman joke was about. It had nothing to do with demeaning women or child molestation. It had to do with Republican hyprocisy.

    If anyone should be ashamed it is Sarah Palin. She knew damn well that the joke was about Bristol and not Willow (whose name I did not know until Sarah Palin put it out there). She is USING her childern to score political points with her base.

    David Letterman made a JOKE. That is what late night comedians do. I didn't find it particularly funny (I get my political humor from "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report"), but I certainly do not think he had anything to apologize for.

    SarahG mentioned Bill Maher - I don't know what he has to do with the discussion - but since you decided to slam him - I'll take the opportunity to praise him. He tells it like it is. Even when I don't agree with him 100 percent, I still think he makes a lot of good points.

    I just signed up for Directv, and got HBO free for three months. Reading your post promted me to look for his program on HBO and schedule my DVR to record it. Maybe I'll have to keep HBO after the 3 months are up SPECIFICALLY so I can watch Mr. Maher.

    Thumbs up from me for Mr. Letterman for his handling of the situation - it must have been obvious to him how Palin was using the situation to score political points, but he apologized none-the-less. Thumbs way way up for Mr. Maher - for telling it like it is. And, finally, thumbs DOWN (way down) for Mrs. Palin - for the way she has been USING her childern to gain political points.

  58. W-Dervish: I’m glad you like Maher. He’s not one of my favs. I like Stewart a lot better. As far as Palin “putting” her children “out there”, that’s a crock. She went to a ball game. How is THAT gaining political points? So, if Obama takes his kids to the zoo, it’s fair game to zing them? Children are OFF limits, PERIOD. Bristol is 18 yrs old and A-Rod is 30-something. That is SICK! Do you want your 18 yr old daughter having sex with a 30 yr old man? Letterman is in his 60’s and KNOWS dog-gone well that so-called joke was out of line and disgusting, regardless of what daughter he was referring to. Good luck with that HBO, hope you have lots of laughs.

  59. No, going to a ball-game doesn't make your childern fair game. If someone claimed that I'd agree their argument was a "crock".

    But that isn't what I said. Bristol put herself in the public eye when she began making the rounds advocating abstinence.

    The joke had absolutely nothing to do with an 18 year old having sex with a 30 year old. The joke concerned her not being abstinent. It was not to be taken literally.

    She is advocating abstience. She has not been abstinent. THAT IS THE JOKE. The sick and disgusting part is in YOUR MIND only.

    As well as the minds of all the others who were "offended" by this joke. Why is it that members of the so-called "family values" party immediately go to child molestation and rape?

    Palin has used her kids to gain political points all along. She has them on stage with her constantly (including the passing around of her baby on stage). She mentions them in her speeches - her son in the military, her daughter's pregnancy, and her own special-needs baby. Barack Obama keeps his kids out of the spot-light (for the most part). VP Biden has a son in the military. I don't recall him bringing up his son as much as Sarah Palin brings up hers.

    Aside from Bristol, who has put herself out there, the other Palin kids haven't received any media attention. Except, perhaps, for the baby - but it has been Sarah Palin who has been using that baby as a prop and bringing it up in speeches.

    Like I said earlier, I had no idea she had a daughter named "Willow" (nor do I care). The joke was about Bristol - it was SARAH PALIN who suggested it was about "Willow". WHY? To keep the controversy alive and score some political points for herself. That's why.

  60. W-Dervish: In all honesty, I didn’t agree with Bristol going on TV preaching abstinence. I thought that was a bit hypocritical considering SHE didn’t practice it herself. However, my post wasn’t about Bristol’s sex life. It was about Letterman telling an off-colored joke about Palin and her daughter at the ballgame. The daughter Palin took to the game was the 14 yr old. I feel that Letterman, or his writer’s, should’ve done their research BEFORE writing such a joke. I also don’t believe that a joke like that, “getting knocked-up in the dugout with A-Rod” was funny, even if it was the 18 yr old, who already had sex. A-Rod IS 30 yrs old and I find THAT disgusting. As a mother, I think that is just highly inappropriate. You may believe that Palin used her kids as props for Political gain, but I don’t believe she did. But let’s just say for argument sake that she did. That still doesn’t give anyone the right to debase or vilify her children. As I said before, all children are OFF LIMITS.

    On another note, aren't you the one from Gayle's place? I think you were looking for some help with comments and such. Do you still need some help with that?

  61. Childern should be off limits. Unless they are adults (18 years old) and put themselves in the public spotlight. As I said previously, the joke had nothing to do with the age difference (Or A-Rod).

    This is what you do in comedy. Take things to the extreme. A joke concerning bush is that he was the first retarded president. Did the person (could have been Bill Maher?) who came up with that joke really think bush is retarded? Is it a slam against retarded people? No. Same with this joke. The only thing it is about is her advocating abstinence when she clearly wasn't abstinent. Taken to the extreme that becomes her being easy and getting knocked up at the drop of a hat. Where and by who weren't important to the joke.

    I don't see how a joke about an unwed teenage mother - the daughter of a Republican VP canidate, the "family values" party which claims that the rise in teenage pregnancy is due to liberals and their lack of morals - who is making the rounds promoting abstinence - is "gross". It was a situation begging to be made fun of.

    So she actually wasn't at the ball game. I think most people didn't know that and CORRECTLY guessed that the joke was about her and NOT the younger daughter.

    David Letterman doesn't owe anyone an apology. Sincere or otherwise. If anyone owes anyone an apology I think Sarah Palin owes David Letterman one. For her sick suggestion that he was suggesting that her younger daughter be raped or molested. Just to keep the controversy going and generate sympathy for herself and outrage against "hollywood liberals".

    It's part of her shtick, playing the victim. She just quit her job because the "liberal media" wouldn't stop attacking her family (even though she's the one putting her kids in the spotlight) and "making things up" about her.

    If she didn't want any media attention being directed at her kids she shouldn't have brought them up in every speech she gave, and she could have stopped using them as props on stage during campaign events. If she didn't want ethics complaints filed against her she should have stopped doing things which were unethical. Simple as that. Being a Republican politican and a hypocrite seem to go hand-in-hand though.

    Yes I posted on Gayle's blog. I noticed today that you commented on my blog (although your comment is over a month old). Which is why I'm here now. This help I needed regarding comments... I'm not sure what you're talking about. The only problem I had with comments is that I didn't get any.

  62. I think we’re at a stalemate, W-Dervish. I still think the “joke” was offensive no matter how many out-of wedlock kids Bristol has. Again, as a mother, I found it disgusting because she is only 18 yrs old and A-Rod is over 30 and I just find that gross. I may be perceiving the “joke” from a different perspective than some, but that’s how I see it. However, perception IS the issue.

    I’m assuming from your statements that you aren’t a Palin fan and obviously that’s fine. I happen to like her. So, again, we’ll have to agree to disagree. I don’t find her to be a victim. Her resignation as Governor of Alaska will either hurt or help her in the future. Personally, I don’t like that she quit. But, I’m not in her shoes. I do know if my kids were the brunt of jokes and nasty photos, I would be livid. I also don’t know how I would react if I were being sued for totally bogus ethics charges and had legal fees coming out of my wazoo. I’d like to think I would see my term through until the end, but one doesn’t know until one is faced with the exact same circumstances.

    Yes, you posted that you didn’t get comments. I had that problem once, so if you’d like some help, my offer still stands.


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