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Monday, July 18, 2016

Drop The Sexist Card

The author in this piece seems to think if people won’t vote for Hillary, they are sexist. Or at the very least, not willing to give her credit for succeeding in a man’s world and breaking the glass ceiling.

I say it’s because Hillary’s true colors have come out and both Left and Right find her dismal.

To say she is the same as Al Gore and John Kerry by receiving millions in campaign contributions is just false. When Gore ran for president in 2000 and Kerry ran in 2004, there wasn’t any reason to believe they were Big Bank leeches. But when the bank crisis of 2008 – 2009 came to light, we ordinary Americans opened our eyes and started paying attention to whom was getting Big Bank bucks.

Hillary touted she was going to crack down on Wall Street and make Big Banks pay. They have paid. They paid her millions in speaking fees. She’s not against Wall Street and Big Banks. She’s in the same league and has no problem accepting their money. If she truly felt they were out of control, she’d hold to her convictions and not accept a penny.

She may not have committed a crime with her personal server and emails, but she most definitely proved she’s not qualified to be POTUS. Many have touted her many years in public office as a Governor’s First Lady, First Lady of the United States, a New York Senator and Secretary Of State. But if she was so qualified, then she wouldn’t have had a personal server in her house and she wouldn’t have scrubbed the server. Ignorance to the law is no excuse and ignorance in Hillary’s case disqualifies her.

As far as Colin Powell doing the same thing, that’s false. He didn’t have a personal server in his house. Hillary Clinton did. Colin Powell didn’t destroy or take state department emails. Hillary didn’t take them, she had her server scrubbed clean. Colin Powell didn’t send classified emails. He sent a couple personal emails using his state department email account. Hillary Clinton sent and received over 100 classified emails. It’s not the same and I’m really tired of So and So did it! That is just a poor excuse when you have nothing in your defense arsenal.

Not voting for Hillary Clinton isn’t about her gender. It’s about her past and how she’s handled herself throughout her political career. She’s part of the establishment (even though she claims she’s an outsider).

But let’s face it, our politicians, not just Hillary Clinton, have become the most corrupt people in our country (media aside). They have lied to us, cheated us, stolen from us, and they’ve all done it for their own personal and political gain. There are very few on the hill that I am proud of or consider honest.

This election cycle, in my opinion, is proving to be the most disappointing with two candidates who have less integrity in both their bodies than I have in my right pinky.


  1. I agree both candidates are severely lacking in integrity. So for me the decision is once again choosing the lesser of two "evils".

    Data points to HRC as being the lesser liar. Based on my research

    1. RN, I truly fear for our country when one or the other gets in there. And that's what it's going to be: one of the evils will be POTUS.

      Help us.


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