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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hillary Is Not The Most Qualified

After a year-long investigation into Hillary Clinton’s personal server and emails, and Comey coming out to say they won’t  recommend charges against her, we’re still hearing people trying to justify what Hillary did.

Powell and Rice both used personal emails, is one excuse, as if that makes Hillary’s conduct A-Okay. That’s just a poor excuse. We should really stop trying to justify one person’s unacceptable actions by another’s unacceptable actions. 

And no one, I mean no one, should be exempt from the law and anyone in a top security position should never put our national security in jeopardy.

For the record, though, according to the FBI, neither Powell nor Rice had a personal server in their house—they both used government servers. Powell received two classified emails and apparently Rice didn’t receive any—her immediate staff, however, received ten.

Hillary had at least one hundred thirteen. And she claimed they weren’t classified at the time they were sent. FBI forensics found that one hundred ten of them were classified at the time of sending and they were included in the 30,000 emails Hillary turned over. But three others had been deleted. Forensics found and recovered them and they were also classified at the time of sending.

Is Hillary a liar or stupid?

Either way, she’s unqualified to be President of the United States.

We need integrity back in our political affairs. We need honest people. People with good character. But here we are with our general election likely being Trump vs. Clinton.

Again, we get to choose between the worse of the two evils.

This country needs help.


  1. Hillary's trustworthiness, honesty, integrity, judgement, intelligence, and ability to put the nation's interest ahead of her own political interests and aspirations should now be of grave concern when deciding who to vote for in November.

    Only problem is, the alternative is as flawed. America is suffering a serious void with respect to principled and effective leadership.

    1. RN, you're exactly spot on. I haven't even decided if I'll cast my vote in November. So sad we're in this pickle.

  2. I found your blog via Who's Your Daddy. You have an interesting post here. You're correct about HDRC: she is too crooked to be President. Now about THE DONALD: I happened to attend one of his rallies in Anaheim California. What I saw in person contrasts with what the lying liberal media: Trump is more classy than what the media portrays him to be. He had a legal Mexican Immigrant woman speak about the death of her son and how the illegal alien fled back to Mexico to avoid prosecution. This guy got a slap on the wrist when tried in a Mexican court, and has been released from prison to commit more crimes. Trump may be gruff, but will be what we need to get back on track.

    1. Moonbat Slayer, I've never seen Trump in person, only on TV. And at this point, I'm really not impressed. He's crass, to say the least. Not that I really like how "scripted" politicians are, because it just makes me think they're lying. I know someone who saw Trump in person and he said the same as you.

      I am NOT in favor of illegal immigration and I think any illegal that commits a second crime (the first is being here illegally) should be thrown in jail. We have enough criminals, we don't need illegals adding to it.

      I hope if Trump gets elected he will do something about the illegal immigration but in all honesty, I don't think he can do much. Too many strings in DC and too many hands to grease.

      But you're right, we really need to get back on track!

      Thank you for stopping by!!

  3. Actually Joe Biden is the most qualified. But like the Roman Empire as it was falling, the masses demanded entertainment above all else. Integrity, knowledge,experience and ability mean nothing in politics. It's all about the spin and the show

    1. Truth!! It's like old times ;)

      I did hear a commentator (can't remember his name) say that the Right fears Biden and if Biden picked Warren as his VP, holy wow, that would be a landside victory. But who knows. Certainly not me!

      I totally agree this country is about entertainment. Our ethics have been tossed into the trash can. So very sad.

      Thanks for coming by my friend!!

  4. We are a reality show society. Just think,a family of bimbos whose only talents are having big asses can become rich and be idolized by millions of dimwits.
    This is what America has evolved into.

    1. Rusty, we are definitely a reality show society. And it's really sad. I refuse to watch any reality show, especially the ones with the big butts!

  5. Bingo Joe! Sad, isn't it?

    Good to see you still kicking around.

  6. Pamela: And no one, I mean no one, should be exempt from the law.

    Hillary did not break the law. She only violated "guidelines". Quite unlike with what happened re the bush administration email scandal. A scandal that involved actual lawbreaking (for which nobody was prosecuted).

    Republican FBI Director James Comey On HRC Breaking The Law: "In Connection With Her Use Of The email Server? My Judgement Is That She Did Not".

    1. Dervish, okay, perhaps Hillary didn't break the law, but she did things she shouldn't have for convenience. That makes her unqualified to be POTUS. And her husband DID break the law. However, nothing happened to him. He just went on to write books and speaks for $250K a pop. That's just sickening.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. It's My Opinion, what words did I weigh?

    4. I wasn't referring to you I was referring to Dervish Sanders's post

    5. Pamela: That makes her unqualified to be POTUS.

      And yet she likely will be.

      Pamela: And her husband DID break the law. However, nothing happened to him.

      He was impeached. That isn't nothing. Also remember it was the Republicans in charge who decided not to remove him from office. Anyway, what he lied about (an extramarital affair) was nobody's business. And the ONLY reason this was uncovered was because all the other Republican investigations of Clinton (that started with Whitewater) went NOWHERE. That they spent tens of millions and the only thing they could get him on was his sex life is what I find sickening. Especially given the fact that the top republican at the time the impeaching was going on was later revealed to be a child molester. That is significantly more sickening I think.

      Lying about (and deleting emails) in regards to election rigging (which is what the bush administration did) is WAY worse than what either Clinton did. WAY, WAY, WAY worse.

      I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary, but will vote for Hillary Clinton in the General. And I do believe she is qualified. The email situation arose because the rules (as they were) had been lax for a long time. People don't follow rules that aren't enforced. That's human nature, I think. Although (again) the bushies BROKE THE LAW (as opposed to not following guidelines).

      In any case, I'm not voting for Trump. And I'm not voting for Jill Stein (only because she has no chance). My vote for Hillary might even be an enthusiastic one... depending on who she selects as a running mate (she NEEDS to select someone with a proven Progressive track record).

      It's my opinion: Weighing your words do not change or allow her to break the law.

      James Comey on whether or not HRC broke the law: "My judgement is that she did not".

    6. Dervish, you may believe/predict Hillary will win, but I believe/predict Trump will. So, considering we don’t agree, we’ll have to wait until November.

      I really don’t want to rehash what Bill Clinton did and how the Republicans went after him. I didn’t agree with any of that. I said way back then, they should’ve waited until after his term was over. However, when Bill was under oath and lied, I got very angry and I have zero respect for him to this day. He may have been impeached but he went nowhere. He should’ve been removed that very day.

      If there was election rigging (which I believe happens every election on both sides, which is disgusting) then they should’ve proved it and prosecuted. I have NO problem with prosecuting anyone, Right or Left, for breaking the law.

      Dervish, you may believe Hillary is qualified, but she says she unknowingly sent emails and had a server—that makes her a dolt. However, she’s not stupid, which means, she knew exactly what she was doing and didn’t give a crap—that makes her unqualified due to her lack of character and care for our national security.

      I’m tired of the double standards. One for the politicians and their ilk and us ordinary Americans. Things need to change. Term limits, for one. And then cut their pay. They don’t deserve 6 figures a year and lifelong pensions after only 2 years in service. They act like royalty and I’m tired of it. And I mean this on BOTH sides.

  7. She is dishonest, untrustworthy , and reckless , as well as a LIAR, and that makes her UNFIT, and unqualified to be president.

    Yet you love your "man" who has demonstrated all of these characteristics 10 fold, as well as being a narcissistic, racist, xenophobic, megalomaniac.

    Typical reichwing hypocrite. Now, why don't you go back to FreeThinke's and WYD's stink(e) pits and wallow in the BS on their site?

    You're no match for the thinking folks here. So, why continue to embarrass yourself here?


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