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Friday, July 29, 2016

Nancy Pelosi - Stupidity At Its Finest

Nancy Pelosi is at it again.

And I think that, so many times, white, non-college-educated white males have voted Republican. They voted against their own economic interests because of guns, because of gays, and because of God, the three G’s, God being the woman’s right to choose. -- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to Judy Woodruff in an interview Wednesday.

Well, Nancy, I know so many white, college-educated males who have voted Republican because it was for their economic interests.

And Nancy, abortion isn’t a religion.

  My goodness this woman needs to think before she speaks.

Like when she said unemployment benefits were the biggest stimulus for the economy. No, Nancy, jobs are the biggest stimulus for the economy.

Or the time she said we have to pass the ACA bill to find out what’s in it!

Again, no, Nancy, we pay you and your fellow politicians a lot of money to read the friggin’ bills before they’re passed. Do your job.

Nancy Pelosi, the gift that keeps on giving.

Giving us a load of crap for decades, that is.


  1. I'm positive that Nancy Pelosi is extremely intelligent (she has a B.A. in political science), although, in regards to the statement you take exception to, I view it as a "duh" comment (everything she said is OBVIOUSLY true).

    Abortion a religion? The comment concerned those on the so-called religious right (wrongly) believing the Bible says anything about abortion. Or homosexuality (I'd add).

    As for Nancy Pelosi saying "we have to pass the ACA bill to find out what's in it", I'd agree with you that that was stupid. IF she actually said it, which she did not. Check the title of the article you link to - "Pass Health Reform So YOU Can Find Out What's In It". She was referring to YOU (the voters) and not WE (Congresspersons). She was referring to people not realizing what the benefits of the bill would be to them until the bill was passed into law and they were actually benefiting from it.

    I'd be ecstatic if Nancy Pelosi were to return to her position as House Speaker under a HRC administration. IMO, more of Mrs. Pelosi's "crap" would be very beneficial for the nation.

    1. Dervish, you never fail to disappoint in how you defend these corrupt politicians. I'll eat my hat before I defend a one of them.

      In any event, I do stand corrected. You are right, Pelosi's "pass it to see what's in it" wasn't accurate. I don't know how the heck I missed that. Perhaps I believe all the hype all those years ago and it stuck with my. That's really not a good excuse, but it's the best I can come up with right now.

      I know you would like for Pelosi to return to Speaker. I wouldn't. But that's a political difference of opinion on our part. You like what she accomplished (and truthfully she did accomplish a lot as Speaker. More than Boehner!) I'm not thrilled, as a Conservative, to what she accomplished.

      Thank you for your input, Dervish, it's always appreciated!

  2. Pelosi really does need to retire.

    Although I get the 3 G's thing, and, she has a point. Poorly framed as it was.

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  5. Nancy "Pillbox" Pelosi certainly has a way with words. She gives the arguments for term limits a great deal of credibility.

    1. There are so many who give the argument for term limits, on both sides. McConnell for example. They all need to go away!

    2. Indeed they do Pamela. The problem as see it is we'll just keep electing the same sort of folks. Folks just like the folks we know next door and sown the street. Folks who start out with honorable intentions and begin by doing what is right then something happens. The system corrupts them and they become just like the politicians my grandparents se to complain about.

      Trump (and HRC) are part of the system we complain about. Trump has used and benefitted by it and HRC has helped perpetuate it. We need a multi arty system to replace our duopoly political system that supports and encourages what we see today.

      I don't see anything changing anytime son regardless who wins the election. BTW, don't forget to tune in to CNN eds. @ 9:00 PM for the Libertarian Town Hall.

  6. We already have term limits. They're called elections. Also, as far as I know, Nancy Pelosi isn't corrupt. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, on the other hand...

    1. You have a good point, Dervish, but there are way too many people who keep electing the same idiots into office. We seriously need term limits like we have for President.

    2. Term limits are not the answer. Campaign finance reform is. Get Big Money out of our elections and more people will run... and have a greater chance of winning. Although the incumbent will still have the advantage, they will no longer have the money advantage (depending on what kind of campaign finance reform is enacted).

      Re presidential term limits: I'm not sure we need them either. Yes, at the end of gwb's 2nd term, I was glad he couldn't serve a 3rd term, but I very seriously doubt he'd have been elected again. He likely wouldn't have run, given how disastrously his 8 years ended. Obama, on the other hand, could run and get elected a 3rd time, I think.

      Although, with his support for the TPP, I'm ready to get him out of there. I'd keep him, however, if it meant preventing a Trump presidency. But then I'm positive Trump is lying about his opposition to the TPP (not sure I believe Hillary either, however).

      In any case, I'm strongly opposed to term limits.

    3. Dervish, I completely agree about Campaign Finance Reform. Our public offices were meant to be held by average Americans, not just rich ones. Yet the way it's set up, you have to be a millionaire to run for office (Senate, Congress). That's just wrong.

      According to the polls, 51% don't approve of Obama and 48% do. So I don't think he'd get re-elected. If for nothing else the economy still hasn't taken off. Slowest recovery ever. People are hurting and giving money i.e. welfare, food stamps and disability isn't going to fix it. They need jobs. This president hasn't done well in that arena.

      Trump very well could be lying about TPP, we have nothing to gauge him on. And Hillary is def lying. But that's what she does. She's good at that!

    4. Obama isn't running a campaign. If he were he could bump those numbers up easily. BTW, a Fox Nooz poll from 8/3/2016 shows Obama with an "approval rating at 52% [and] In CNN-ORC's poll from this week, Obama's approval rating is at 54%" (source).

      He would CRUSH Trump. The way things are looking right now, HRC might end up crushing Trump. He's going to be no match for her in the debates, that's for certain.

      As for HRC being good at lying, as I've said previously, I believe HRC is mostly an honest person. Trump's whole campaign is a lie (which he know given that he was previously a Democrat who praised Hillary).

      As for the slow recovery, I blame Republican obstructionism.

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  9. Luke, you aren't welcome here anymore.

    I will not tolerate you accusing me of plagiarizing your posts. I don't go to your blog, so I have no idea what you post. And even if I did, I wouldn't plagiarize your posts because number one, that's illegal and number two, I don't have to.

    Anything you try to post here will go into my file, but it won't ever see the light of day here on my blog.

    1. Pamela: I will not tolerate you accusing me of plagiarizing your posts.

      You too? Proof this guy is a nut. He thinks EVERYONE is stealing what he writes.

    2. Dervish, yes, me too.

      According to him, everyone is stealing his posts, hacking his blog and harassing him, yet I don't know a single blogger who even goes to his blog.

      Projection is a nasty mental illness.

      He’s a bit loopy if he thinks calling me names every day is going to get his comments published. Or upset me, for that matter. I find it pathetic.

  10. We always have to consider her audience. She is appealing to the same group who voted for a bill so they could see it.
    DS, of course you blame the putrid recovery on the republicans. To blame taxes, massive burdensome regulations and unions would be to honest.
    Even JFK saw the wisdom of lower taxes as did Reagan and we had a sharp quick recovery. It does appear that BHO is fine keeping the middle class at bey and rewarding the super rich.

    1. Skudrunner, the Left doesn't want to hear that regulations are strangling businesses, especially small ones. They truly believe we didn't go far enough with the New Deal and the Great Society, and with Obama, we didn't go far enough with the so-called stimulus and "shovel-ready" jobs.

  11. Lower taxes during recessionary cycles return them to prereccionary levels during cycles of prosperity.

    You just can fight billion dollar wars, send billions out in foreign aid, and expect not to run yuuuge deficits and increase the national debt. Ask Dubya
    and Obama.

    Frankly, I'm sick of the bulls**t from both sides.

  12. RN, no we can't fight wars and expect not to pay higher taxes. I'm not sure I agree with all the foreign aid we're sending, just as I'm against all the Corporate subsidies. This crap has got to stop or we won't have anything left except debt.

    We need someone in the White House who will tackle these issues and actually do something about them. No more pandering and lying.

    I'm sick of the BS from both sides too. The Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans. We really do need a viable 3rd party!

    1. The Left does want to fix bad regulations, but doesn't want to slash them just for the sake of slashing them. And, yes, I truly believe we didn't go far enough with the New Deal and the Great Society, and with Obama, we didn't go far enough with the stimulus and "shovel-ready" jobs.

      As for "all the foreign aid we're sending", we need to send a lot more. Although I'd only increase economic development and humanitarian assistance. I'd cut aid money going to foreign military financing.

      As for which side is shoveling the vast majority of the bulls**t... I think you can guess who I hold responsible. And, yeah, I'm sick of it. Along with the "both sides do it" meme.

    2. We are definetly on different sides, Dervish. But I agree we shouldn't slash just to slash. We need to get in there and examine the regulations, etc., to see if they are outdated, worth it, working, etc. Perhaps then cut but perhaps it needs tweaked. Government is out of control, imo, and needs shrink a bit. It's too large.

      Dervish, both sides do do it. They are both guilty. Neither party cares about "us" anymore. I mean seriously, do you really think the Democratic party gives a crap about the American people?

      They are all alike anymore, just want their power and their money.

      Sorry, I'm just very jaded with government anymore.

  13. Pamela, you are correct, both sides do do it. Been going on a VERY long time. Dervish, although he doesn't realize it, is part of the problem. The problem? Hyper partisanship, regardless of which side you choose to examine. But, and you likely will disagree, the rightwing Tea Party, neocons, all false conservatives bear the greatest guilt. They've frankly been bullsh**ting the American people far too long. On this Dervish is correct.

    1. Les, I refuse to be hyper partisan. It doesn't do any good. If someone's wrong, they're wrong, whether I voted for them or not.

      Perhaps I need to do some more research on the Tea Party. See if it changes my mind.

      Thanks Les!

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